Graceless - Chants From Purgatory

I remember that I was really impressed by Graceless' first two albums "Shadowlands" and "Where Vultures Know Your Name". It was an excellent doom/death metal back then and is the same now with their third full-length offering "Chants From Purgatory". 

You will hear a flawless mix of Bolt Thrower and Asphyx, crushing guitar riffs, pounding drumming, rumbling bass and above all the raw vocals of Remco Kreft (guitars/vocals) who is also in Just Before Dawn and Soulburn. 

There are some really slow tracks like 'Nyctophilia' and predominantly mid-pace crushers such as 'Giants' and the title track 'Chants From Purgatory'. The sound quality is on a great level and it is obvious that the guys in Graceless are really experienced musicians who know how to deliver first class doom/death metal. 

What I miss is the fast stuff since I have never been a big doom death metal fan or fan of slow music as a whole. Everything is great sounding on "Chants From Purgatory" but somehow I like the first two albums better. but if you consider yourself a doom/death metal fan then this album is a must for you! 

4 / 5 STARS

1. Giants
2. Chants From Purgatory
3. The Gates Of The Gallows
4. This Ends With The World In Ruins
5. Saint
6. Nyctophilia
7. Blood Of The Brave
8. Time Has Come For Us All