Fumigation - Structural Extermination

The Canadian death metal pest control is back with a new atrocity. The play button is pushed and after the “You have a roach on your neck” line… all hell breaks loose!

Quick intro track filled with crazy guitar licks, heavy as fuck riffs and a super low guttural growling sewer. Their first full length of 2013 gave out a really groovy-technical death metal band, not afraid to take it a bit further, adding weird tempos and licks to their undoubted brutal sound! 9 years later they are still on the same page and of course they are still obsessed with roaches, rodents and all sorts of pests. Second track underway and all the above mentioned features are getting even more obvious. 'Fly That You Fear' starts in a slam outfit. Heavy and choked chords that evolve during its 3:30 minutes. Enriched with leads and alternations keeping it away from boredom. 2-3 riffs mostly do the job. Mixed together and always aiming in groove. The drums keep it simple. No exaggerations but at the same moment you can understand their technical background and of course the vocals keep it as brutal as it can go.

The album is heavy. Bulldozer heavy. Thick wall of sound formed by the guitars, getting even heavier when the bass is added and the rest you can imagine. Tracks proceed and we are at 'Centipede Stampede'. The base of all their tracks is slam. Fumigation took the whole slam thing though into a new dimension. The basic slam chords are processed with alternations and different endings, giving out a bigger picture of slam than the basic 4/4, G-G-G-G sound we all have heard off. Alternations like the ambient sort of interleave in the middle of “'Close To A Burrow Below'. The solos in the end and yada yada… On the same time the drums are focused on keeping it back to brutality and the vocals of course keep on spitting growls and grunts not only maintaining character but also creating their own flow in it. Just listen to the rock solo on the second minute of 'Botfly Incision' and then remember the gutturals of the singer in the beginning above the slam riffs. How can these two get together right? Looks like Fumigation have found a way to do it!

Production here is a beast, amplifying the heaviness of the sound, and clearing it up as much as it can. Not a fan of clear productions but here it kinds works. Thing is how deep into their swirl you can get… Even if you are a purist of the sound I am sure you’ll find tons of interesting stuff in the entire 43 minutes of “Structural Extermination”. Pretty sure I have!

4 / 5 STARS

1. Vanier Shack (Unit Inspection)
2. Fly That You Fear
3. Centipede Stampede
4. Close To A Burrow Below
5. Pinworms & Anal Burns
6. Botfly Incision
7. The Barren Hive
8. Mosquitos In My Taquitos
9. Like Moths To A Flame
10. Servant Of The Queen