Endbroken - Defeat Of Common Sense

Endbroken are a relatively new band to Great Dane Records being as “Defeat Of Common Sense” is their first full length debut album, but they’ve been around since 2015. A five piece from France, there have been since changes in the group since their last EP in 2018. Most notably they gained the former vocalist Mitch of the likes of Aphelion and Heksen. Compared to their former vocalist who had more of a rougher shout mixed with a growl sounding a bit like Rob Dukes from Exodus, the delivery from Mitch is deeper, throatier, and more like a mix of Devildriver meets Thine Eyes Bleed. Overall the band itself seems to have shifted more towards the Groove Metal side with mid to slower paced tracks that are extremely riff focused, and while basic at times, certainly catchy such as on ‘Into the Grave.’ The dual guitar work from Ken and Fab both play well off each other. Drumming is also solid from Nico on a track like ‘Axes of Evil’ which while a bit monotonous in the riffs has a more Death Metal approach to things like Torture Killer. Very groove heavy still and infectious. While the bass is a bit buried from Nono, the extra layer of thickness can be felt in the music to enhance the Groove Metal elements.

While some fans might be disappointed the Thrash Metal energy is lacking, the album still features plenty of solid tracks. With the enhancement in the Groove Metal department, a mid paced to slow approach lets the tracks sink in and gives way to some powerful anthems. ‘Cannibal Holy Ghost’ has a great intro and opens up with some great drum and bass work for a chugging, almost Jungle Rot-esque track that does go on a bit longer than it should (kind of like ‘Rituals of Time’ from Dew Scented: it is very catchy but it is all that really makes the song and all one really ends up taking away from it, those seven solid riffs), but it really sucks the listener in that they don’t care how the rest of the tracks sounds. Other tracks like ‘Dark Fate’ features a bit more virtuous guitar work and almost borders Melodeath territory with an At the Gates approach, but never gives up on the pounding drums that follows the guitar churn before it shifts more towards a Throwdown Hardcore vibe. Indeed with Groove Metal the key for Endbroken is keeping that riff engaging, and sometimes it just feels they lose it a bit when they shift styles such as on this track, or on ‘The Opponent’ which has a very slow crawl interlude that just churns along slowly, but feels like it loses the momentum as it goes for a more melancholic, darker tone. The anthemic quality is lost here, but some listeners might appreciate the shift in tone and direction as it showcases something different.

Yes ”Defeat Of Common Sense” does seem to jump around at parts and can be a little haphazard; is it Groove Metal, is it Death Metal? But, overall the Groove Metal sense is still intact throughout the entire album. Some hints of Thrash are here and there, but it is more the mid paced kind of Thrash expected from Slayer during their “God Hates Us All” era. The pace just doesn’t really pick up as Endbroken keep to a relatively accessible slew of riffs that are catchy, much in the way that Prong does their style, but at the same time can wear a bit on the hear. Thankfully there is just enough here with a mix of very decent riffs to keep most listeners’ attention. Don’t expect anything fantastic or new from Endbroken but what they have here is a solid Groove Metal debut. If one loves the riff along with snarled vocals and don’t really care about the melodic aspects but would rather just have some slow, headbanging fun, then “Defeat Of Common Sense” is worth the listen for a fun time.

3 / 5 STARS

1. Hatefield
2. Axes Of Evil
3. Straight Ahead
4. Into The Grave
5. Defeat Of Common Sense
6. Shadows Of Death
7. Cannibal Holy Ghost
8. The Opponent
9. Dark Fate