Emasculated Vituperation - Rape Trauma Syndrome

When you see a release from Brutal Mind Records, your mind automatically hovers around something close to brutal death metal. It has to be nasty, disgustingly poetic and super heavy. Terms that follow this new, first full length from Emasculated Vituperation. The freshmen from Taiwan have nailed it. Only one year of life and yet they managed to create an album, baring all the embellishments that brutal death-slam brings with it. 

So what do we have here? Heavy slam chords, accompanied by a bulldozer heavy bass, creating a wall of sound, thick and impenetrable. We have technical drumming followed by the appropriate “know-how”. Many weapons in the drummer’s arsenal but what's best is that he possesses the ability to choose wise “which” and “when”. From super-fast double kick drums to rabid blastbeats and back to groove. A singer that tears his throat apart at will. From typical growls to super deep gutturals. Filling the tracks, creating his own flow most of the times and when he doesn’t, he follows the beat created by the guitars, adding depth and perspective. 

The song constructions are the typical ones you’d meet in a good slam band. If someone is to question anything here, it is not gonna be the production, which is exquisite (huge and distinct with the proper mix, making everything sound unique but also distinct, the same time) or their skills on their instrument (trust me these guys can play) or even the concept which is as bloody as it can go. Art-wise and lyric-wise they have taken brutality to another level. The only thing here subjected to judgment is the originality of the whole thing. If you’re looking for something to change your views on death metal, you can forget it. 

Emasculated Vituperation play slam with every cliché you’ll find in the genre. But the thing is that I don’t think they want to change that. No fan of the genre cares about originality so much rather than just find another band that plays with precision, the slam he so much likes to listen to. The fans of it have already found their new favorite band which is non other than these rabid ninjas here. The rest can look for originality elsewhere. Emasculated Vituperation have created a slam pit, baring all the banalities this particular genre engulfs and you know what?... It couldn’t be played better!

4 / 5 STARS


1. Dismembered Flesh Mutilation (Intro)
2. Live Grinding Of The Fetus
3. Rape Trauma Syndrome
4. Forced Swallowing Of Vomit
5. Penis Chainsaw Mutilation
6. Sulfuric Acid Facial Destruction
7. Rectal Prolapsing
8. Unjustified Mistreatment