Distaste - Der Ertraeger Und Das Fleisch

Austria’s Distaste is no stranger to extreme music, and on their fourth full length record “Der Ertraeger und das Fleisch” they show no signs of changing or slowing down with their usual approach to brutal Grind Death. Following along the lines of groups such as Leng Tch’e or Wormrot, Distaste delivers 29 minutes of short but uncompromising sonic hell that avoids the uncomfortable Noisecore route of groups such as Full of Hell or the sheer crushing force of pure Grindcore bands like Rotten Sound. With a dual vocal approach each track hits over and over in short bursts, just like their previous album, but with a little more Death Metal elements injected in here and there compared to the usual noise onslaught.

Still following the take of lyrics and songs in German or Latin, there will be a bit of a language barrier but the entire idea of Distaste to enjoy them for their sonic output. Sure there are the traditional Grindcore sounding tracks like the opening ‘Zerfallsprozess’ that will knock listeners right off their feet and the track is only 48 minutes. For those not used to the Grindcore/ Death Metal hybrid it may seem like a filler track, but serves as a great lead into the others. For a more Death Metal styled ferocity (like older Leng Tch’e), there are tracks like ‘Geiferloch’ with the throat chants lulling one in before the music explodes. Listeners will be blown away by the drums which just seem non stop from Yannick while the fuzzy duo of new bassist Murz alongside Armin’s guitar work which resembles Bloodbath on overdrive try to keep up. The dual vocal approach with the deeper bellows (think older Aborted) from Armin go well with Lukas’ higher pitched shrieks (more along the lines of Rotten Sound Grindcore) give the music some more dynamic rather than just a one sided grunt or shriek all the way through. Other tracks like ‘Das Leid und sein Gift’ have a little Doom laden approach to it, crawling along with the drums actually having more rhythm than sheer ferocity. Definitely more Death Metal than Grindcore, the slow pace of this track might offset those that like their music fast and heavy, but for newer fans who aren’t used to Grindcore and like Death Metal more will find this quite appealing. Plus the groove is infectious as well.

Like a lot of Grind Death hybrids, the album goes by quick. Almost took quick. While at least most of the tracks are a minute plus long, fans will probably be wishing they had more by the end of it. For those looking for a balanced hybrid of both genres, ‘Sisyphos’ is a mid to fast paced guitar churner with the Grind influenced drumming but somewhat has restraint so new listeners aren’t completely blown away by it, but at the same time there isn’t enough there to really let the genre sink in and for fans to get used to it. Ultimately, newer listeners will need to give this album a few listens. Seasoned Grind fans will probably feel the album doesn’t quite have the depth as other artists like Wormrot have achieved, but the production quality and songwriting are not worthy of being written off as mediocre. “Der Ertraeger und das Fleisch” is a good album and a nice way to integrate fans who like Death Metal but may not quite be used to Grindcore to take a dip into that genre without being too blown away. Compared to their last album it pretty much follows the same track, so don’t expect these guys to change much as they continue to grind on, blowing ears out one drum at a time.

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. Zerfallsprozess
2. Narrenkappe
3. Aequivalent Scheisse
4. Geiferloch
5. Der Ertraeger
6. Fleischlawine Eisentod
7. Das Leid Und Sein Gift
8. Faschrist
9. Maengelexemplar
10. Theresa
11. Sisyphos
12. Sieben
13. Raffer
14. Das Kalte Beil