Dead Twilight - Fall Of Humanity

Sometimes one just needs to hear pummeling Death Metal, and that’s what one gets with the 3rd album from Italy’s duo Dead Twilight. The album is a little shorter than what they have done in the past and came quicker (3 year gap instead of 5 years), but the result is solid. The music is highly aggressive in the vein of Immolation meets Deicide with no sign of slowing down from start to finish. Both members, guitarist/ bassist Luca Bellante and vocalist Marco Bellante both started their career in Pantheism back in the late 90s before forming Dead Twilight in 2004 and have been going steady ever since. For those who know of these guys, the expectation is pretty much the same. For those that don’t, expect the level of Brutal Death Metal with somewhat solid production in the vein of Cannibal Corpse level but with a slightly more raw touch to it, especially on the vocal front.

Like Deicide and Immolation though, “Fall Of Humanity” does tend to be a bit one sided. While the opener ‘I Hate’ sets the tone for just how brutal the music gets, and from Marco’s grunted vocals alongside Luca’s guitar and bass work, one can definitely hear the influences. Drumming is programmed though and the repetitive thundering does tend to wear a little bit on the ears. But those who like those ear griding riffs that incite nothing but fury will be sucked right into the track. Other tracks like ‘Rage From the Dead’ have a little more subtle touch to them from the riffs, and from the crushing vocal tones a little more Deicide than Immolation influence compared to the previous tracks. Dead Twilight tend to be a bit riff heavy, not leaving too much room for solos, so the guitars just tend to bludgeon hard likes the drums, aiming for the most brutal of sounds. ’I Bring Chaos’ mixes things up a bit on the vocal side opening with a more robotic, cavernous approach than the usual guttural roar, so that is a nice touch to help it stand out and there is even a bit more groove to the riffs rather than just sheer speed.

The album does seem to definitely go for more groove as opposed to face stomping aggression. ‘From Father to Son’ continues the groove path that was heard on ‘I Bring Chaos’ and eases things back, but only a little bit. For those looking for a slower approach the more Doom laden ‘War’ has its sludgy pace that crawls along in almost a (older) Mourning Beloveth fashion. Of course this doesn’t last long as the song picks up later and aims to go back to that Immolation drum heavy fury, but one can’t help but appreciate the variety. Overall, the album is heavy with little breathing room and will appeal to those who like Death Metal extremely heavy, but those who enjoy the more progressive elements or Death n’ Roll might be a little disappointed from just how much this album stomps, sometimes without thinking. Expect no mercy from “Fall Of Humanity” as Dead Twilight continues to crush everything in their sonic path with the brutal sounds of the 90s/ early 2000s. Ears will be brutalized and fans of heavy music will definitely dig it.  

3.5 / 5 STARS

1. I Hate
2. Prophet’s Shit
3. Rage From the Dead
4. I Bring Chaos
5. Oblivion
6. From Father to Son
7. Blood
8. Bоина (War)