Crown Magnetar - Alone In Death

Unique Leader Records have really pulled the cat out of the bag with their excellent roster containing some of the most intense bands on the planet. Crown Magnetar being one of their most recent signings, with their latest EP release of "Alone In Death" hitting early 2022 harder than a boulder to the human body. With an album and EP already under their belt, the band show no signs of stopping anytime soon upon releasing belter after belter of death metal wizardry in forms of tech, core and extremity.

Enlisting guest spots from deathcore vocal athletes, Nick Arthur (Molotov Solution) and Jamie Hanks (I Declare War) is a clever method to promote the presented material to an already trustworthy allegiance of deathcore fans. Knowing full well these vocalists have proven their worth over the years and are committed to the very scene, enabling Crown Magnetar to dominate as if they're the next Thy Art Is Murder big-shot. 'Graverot' is equally as menacing as the EP's artwork - fuelled with demonising pig squeals and thunderous breakdowns forcing it to become a stand-out track. The ending track 'God Is My Enemy' reveals old-school Whitechapel tactics and annihilates with pristine production that packs too many punches. It's fair to say that within the EP's short lifespan there isn't anything negative to dish out, especially if you're already familiar with the genre's template.

Competition within the genre is hot, but Crown Magnetar won't have to work quite as hard to establish themselves further once an identity if formed, one that would enable the band to sound more distinctive than many of the copy-and-paste extreme acts that also attempt this formula. Already being in a comfortable position on a well-known label, could only benefit Crown Magnetar's future to become one of the big players in the deathcore game.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Alone In Death
2. Hellsphere
3. Realistic Flesh Mask
4. The Pain Of Existence
5. Graverot
6. God Is My Enemy