Casket Grinder - Sepulchral Trip

Great pure death metal band directly from Colombia. Casket Grinder release this “Sepulchral Trip” under Awakening Records which if I'm not mistaken should resume the old songs written before the full length “Fall Into Dementia” rearranged and re-recorded including a new song and a cover by Pestilence.

Casket Grinder ate bread and death metal every day. This album oozes the good of death metal music. Here we talk about old school death metal with clear influences from the European scene but also from the American one. Very well articulated songwriting and a really ruthless rhythm section to dictate times and cadences.

"Sepulchral Trip", in its 50 minutes of length, takes us back in time with all the technology of our times. Simply fantastic 'Cannibal Obsession', the track that ultimately opens this album. Very long intros for lovers of the old American thrash death, and then lead to a guttural sound that will glue you to the chair at home. 10 powerful songs, never ends in themselves and that together make a really good album. 

Multiple influences ranging from the old Pestilence, Monstrosity and Malevolent Creation... and certainly today's production emphasizes even more heavily the heavy sound of our Colombian deathsters. Respectable album. Great Casket Grinder!

4 / 5 STARS

1. Cannibal Obsession
2. Wheels Of Convulsion
3. Pestilent Casket
4. Stillborn Abomination
5. The Happening
6. Celestial Devourment
7. Conjuring Chaos
8. Repulsive Rebirth
9. From The Abyss It Came
10. D-IX
11. Acid Storm
12. Suspended Animation (cover Pestilence)