Beyond Mortal Dreams - Abomination Of The Flames

Absolutely prestigious album this "Abomination Of The Flames" by southern Australians Beyond Mortal Dreams, a band active since 1992 under the name of Suffering. 

Almost 14 years after the previous full length, this new work arrives like a bolt from the blue in our hi fi. 7 songs for a total of 40 minutes of phenomenal brutality and riffing. If you think about the best that bands like Deicide, Nile, Suffocation and company have done, in this "Abominations Of The Flames" you will find everything you need. There is not a moment of respite or slowdown throughout the album. If we are not talking about a masterpiece, we are very close. 

The title track immediately starts at a fast pace, with stop and go from unbridled headbanging, a pounding rhythm section and very heavy riffs to recreate an impressive sound wall. It continues with 'Hell Of Eternal Death' which takes us back to the golden times of certain Deicides. Walls of death and cutting solos involve us more and more in listening to this album. 

'Deficit In Flesh' starts quietly, with acrobatic solos and then overturns tons of sound explosions again. 'Decimation Hymn' starts with sounds so dear to the Nile, recreating sulphurous and gloomy atmospheres. Here we introduce synth parts that really fit the musical context, thus creating the right listening atmosphere. It then obviously starts to grind riffs and death metal. 

This album ends with 'Misanthrope Messiah' and 'Peace Through Annihilation', songs that certainly travel on the same wave line as the first ones, effectively marking an expressive continuity throughout this "Abominations Of The Flames".

Interesting album, versatile and full of ideas of excellent value. Personally I think it is one of the best death metal works heard this year. For me, truly devastating album.

5 / 5 STARS

1. Abomination of the Flames
2. Hell of Eternal Death
3. Deficit in Flesh
4. They Are Seven
5. Decimation Hymn
6. Misanthrope Messiah
7. Peace Through Annihilation