44 Fires - False Flag Agenda

44 Fires was founded in 2011 and is a political Metal group from London, waking minds through our music. Bringing groups together to form an army, bringing the elite to their knees... We are spawned from the different styles of music we all grew up listening to, from Corrosion of Conformity to Soundgarden, Megadeth and Metallica to Rage against the Machine, Pantera and Clutch. This has made us into the band we are today, so come join us - fight for the world...

Army Besides Me
Hard hitting words from 44 Fires that sting vehemently amid some harsh exceptional waves of rhythmic glory. Richly inspiring and a wake-up call as you take in the words. The bands deepest intentions are to alert you to what is happening all around us and putting it in an exceptional form of metal everyone can understand.

Not as harsh as the previous track but offering a beautiful chord ensemble that quickly changes with a savage but clean vocal and screams Freedom! Interesting guitar that compliments the solid drumming and enriches the track with a certain fortitude.

Great rhythmic onslaught played with fiery passion and truly ravenous gets the word out! Quite an intense track that spits out a lot of anger without going overboard, dispersing varied and intrinsic moments along the way. A very confrontational track that has a lot of catchy connotations attached.

Corporate Lies
With a chug like effect, this awakens the senses and has a chorus that will have you singing along to its rhythmic display of anger which should in turn entice the listener to investigate further. The guitar is a masterpiece that has a superb magnetic pull.

Busying strings throw out some heavy riffs merging with energetic rhythms and a harsh drum beat.  Vocally superb - Reborn and Release wake, wake, wake yeah! This is catchy and a bold declaration that begs attention. Great track!!!

Superb metal sound comes gushing from the speakers and will immediately grab the attention as well as your thoughts. Crazy rhythms just weave into a solid wall of sound and exceeds the sound barrier with a toxic venomous, subsonic excellence that satisfies the metal hunger. Very intimidating track!

Hate Me
Swaggers with compelling riffs and raucous beats, holding a swathe of utter contempt as it ploughs like an express train straight through the aural. Vocally damming with a meaty bass hook and slabs of molten metal riffs that is truly inspiring.

Death Trap
A very diverse track that is very different to all the previous tracks with its sparse opening, however it literally splinters further on and explodes with a corrosive flexibility. Steeped in musical promise it delivers on all levels and caught me out as I thought this track was going to be a slow number – very clever guys – you got me there!

Loaded Trigger
Not going to be fooled this time, this track starts off with a sparse vocal and crisp guitars that hold a nice swaggering groove it does build further on in the track moving it up a notch in tempo with a pounding drum beat but I feel this is the weakest of all the tracks on this album – so fooled yet again!

Powerfully fiery and downright venomous on a lot of the earlier tracks with just one low being Loaded Trigger, however, its highs – (and there is a lot of them on this album) simply outweigh the low giving 44 Fires that stick of dynamite to put across some explosive and intensifying action that spark an overall enjoyable listen that is overwhelming in places i.e. Wake and Propaganda two finely a tuned tracks that will no doubt leave your ears bleeding!

Perhaps a few of these tracks should be played at the next Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Conservative Party – it may make it a lot more interesting than the droning dirge of hot air spouted by the “I don’t have a clue!” brigade.

Really good album that warrants at least 6 replays and a few more for good measure!


  1. Army Besides Me
  2. Freedom
  3. Idiot
  4. Corporate Lies
  5. Wake
  6. Propaganda
  7. Hate Me
  8. Death Trap
  9. Loaded Trigger

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
May 2, 2013

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