100 Knives Inside - Moral Fabrication

Hailing from Herning, Midtjylland, Denmark 100 Knives Inside is a relatively young band that can be characterized as playing modern progressive death metal. With two EP's on their account this band looks very promising and so does their music. Moral Fabrication is their second EP released without any label's support, which is quite strange hearing the quality of music on it.

100 Knives Inside sound quite close to the modern wave of progressive death and djent metal coming from the US. The moment you hit play on the first track “Anima In Process”, you instantly remember of bands like Veil of Maya, After the Burial, Son of Aurelius, Decrepit Birth and dozens of others that can be generally characterized by the term summeriancore. To some such a characteristic may be off putting, taking the generic nature of the music a lot of these bands pay. But as you take your time to listen further into Moral Fabrication, you find out that it's not that simple with these guys. 100 Knives Inside sure have the technical abilities and musical talent to make their music a lot more interesting than numerous other bands struggling to fit into this scene.

First of all, the music has some atmosphere to it, and that's a very strong point that a lot of young bands in the progressive death metal scene forget about. Each of the 5 tracks presented on this EP has it's vibe and melody, which is not too catchy or simple for being melo-death metal, but quite noticeable for creating an atmosphere that can be associated with the track. It works best on the instrumental “Infinity”, still other tracks also have this feature, which I think is very good. These guys don't forget about the technical part of the music as well, having nice polyrhythmic djent grooves and speedy passages that sound cool and not too cheesy. In overall, 100 Knives Inside deliver very good progressive death metal that doesn't break the mold but is much better than a lot of other bands play.

Must I say that the production on this EP is flawless? The sound is very dense, heavy, yet you can hear all the instruments quite well. This record sounds like a very good full length album from a major metal label. And if these guys continue writing music as interesting as on this EP, I think they will have a very good contract on their hands. They sure deserve one!

1. Anima In Process   
2. Adulteration Of Principles   
3. Infinity (Instrumental)   
4. New Blood Transfusion   
5. Distorted View By The Hour
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 17, 2010
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