To many Rogga Johansson is the renaissance man of death metal. With many projects like Those Who Bring The Torture, Ribspreader and Paganizer. Rogga is a man with a full plate. Rogga got together with another death metal veteran Dave Ingram former Bolt Thrower and Benediction vocalist the end...
  Soul Remnants from Massachusetts blew me away with their second album ‘Black and Blood’ recently, this is authentic US death metal with some influences that travel really well, especially across the pond. With this is mind, I was eager to hear some thoughts from Tom Preziosi the guitarist...
Hate Force One is a death metal band from Westfalen, Germany and founded in the Winter of 2008 by drummer Manuel and bassist Florian. After filling in the other band positions the writing began and in 2011 the first promo was released named "Ready For Take Off". Followed with opening slots for...
I just had the privilege to catch up with Immolation on a string of local dates. They opened for Carcass at the Gramercy Theatre in NYC to a sold out crowd. Immolation ripped through a set of mostly new material including "God Complex", "Spectacle of Lies", the title track plus a few older ones....
We meet one of the world’s most iconic rock bands, Metallica, during their stopover in Chiles Punta Arenas. From there, they will head to the Antarctic to play an exclusive gig, organized by Coke Zero, at the Argentinean Carlini Station on King George Island. Everything starts on Friday, December...
First of all, please introduce yourself so we know how is answering.Hi, I'm Alex, the singer, guitarist and Grand Puba of Razormaze! As you are not the only member please say something short about the others. Good and bad habits.Sam is an idiot. Joe is a dingleberry. Nick is a husband. So congrats...
Title Posted Band Name
Vorkreist: brutal and catchy as fuck 5 years 20 weeks ago Vorkreist
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30 Years of obscurity for Salvador Rubio and The YTriple Corporation are not enough… 5 years 22 weeks ago The YTriple Corporation
A decade of funny porn with Pornoise 5 years 22 weeks ago Pornoise
Butt-rock killed the metal star 5 years 24 weeks ago Bitter End
Logic Behind Illogicist 5 years 29 weeks ago Illogicist
Sphere tear through the fabric of the Polish death metal scene 5 years 29 weeks ago Sphere
Heidevolk is not teaching history but tapping themes 5 years 29 weeks ago Heidevolk
Everything old is new again with Outrage 5 years 30 weeks ago Outrage (Germany)
Beware of the hot bubbling eruption coming from the South 5 years 31 weeks ago Stillborn
The cycle shall continue 5 years 31 weeks ago Endless Cycle
Tsjuder and their beginning of reincarnation 5 years 32 weeks ago Tsjuder
Azaghal and the black metal way of life 5 years 32 weeks ago Azaghal
Decaying remind death metal followers of the value of the riff 5 years 32 weeks ago Decaying (Finland)
Root celebrate 25 years of dark metal 5 years 35 weeks ago Root
Continuo Renacer strives for change 5 years 35 weeks ago Continuo Renacer
The spontaneous ideas of Accuser 5 years 35 weeks ago Accuser
WelicoRuss and the story behind skirts and make-up 5 years 38 weeks ago Welicoruss
Video interview with Ken of Abigail Williams 5 years 39 weeks ago Abigail Williams
Video interview with Morpheus of Mayhem 5 years 39 weeks ago Mayhem