Create in 09 out of Barren, Rotting Bowls of Nashville, TN and Huntsville, ala. Wormreich is a unholy trio of kindred souls who decided to create music as a vassel to the morning star. With upcoming release "Wormreich Revelations" which will unleashed on April. 14 on Moribund Records....
  Sweden for years had a long standing metal tradition. Even many people think of Europe even it wasn't my type of metal but with due respect they did help put Sweden on the metal map. At one time Deep Purple recorded 'Smoke On The Water' in Sweden. The Swedish metal scene really blew up when...
When the Poema Arcanus album ‘Transient Chronicles’ landed at my door I wasn’t really sure what to expect. A lot of this doom death thing has been done to…well… death over the years, but Poema Arcanus were something above the usual. They invite you into their world and introduced some prog, some...
So here we are with Steven Tucker, probably one of the most distinctive death metal voices out there. So Steve, back with a new band called Warfather, and of course we could expect nothing less than extremity filtered through death metal! Nice to be back bro. Probably the most boring question out...
Purification Kommando were a raw Danish black/death outfit that had some pretty in your face material, so much so that when a recent review of one of their releases was aired, PK got in touch. So we had a chat about some of my comments in the said review, but also got to find out a little more, it...
Hell-o Alessio, welcome to, how are you?Hello Hijo Del Dolor, I’m great. It’s a pleasure for me! 
Could you introduce SpermBloodShit to the people who are reading this interview?SpermBloodShit is a grindcore band that was born in 2007 and since the beginning it released two full...
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