Video interview with Alex (bassist/vocalist) for Brazilian death squad Krisiun at the Gas Monkey in Dallas, Texas.  
Interview with Liv (vocals) and Jimmy (guitars) of Sister Sin at Mayhem Fest 2015.
Short video interview with Robert (drums) and Henry (keys) from Shattered Sun.
Short interview with James Genenz (bass) from Jungle Rot at Mayhem Fest 2015.  
Hi bro, wellcome to BRUTALISM. How are you?Horny, hungover, and really high, we hope you are too! This is your first interview from Europe or did you received others before?No, we have always refused interviews in the past. This is our first one. Well, can you introduce Holy Cost to our readers?...
  Interview with Jake and Fred from Dead Existence. So, ‘Endless Misery’… this is a big leap forward. Have you had a similar acknowledge from other sources with good overall feed back?Jake: I think everyone in the band knew this was our strongest material as soon as we started playing it....
Title Posted Band Name
Hide the corpses for Kadaverficker 3 years 3 weeks ago Kadaverficker
Don't get pregnant from Clitgore 3 years 7 weeks ago Clitgore
Progression, new horizons and fresh sounds with Warknife 3 years 18 weeks ago Warknife
Ageless Oblivion stripped it back 3 years 19 weeks ago Ageless Oblivion
Sargeist and devotion to the Lord of All 3 years 22 weeks ago Sargeist
What are the personal experiences of Diabulus In Musica? 3 years 24 weeks ago Diabulus In Musica
What will Wormreich reveal on April 15th? 3 years 25 weeks ago Wormreich
Spreading the Vampire disease 3 years 25 weeks ago Vampire
Travelling with the atmospheric doom death poets Poema Arcanus 3 years 29 weeks ago Poema Arcanus
Warfather is demanding the Apocalypse 3 years 29 weeks ago Warfather
BRUTALISM is at war with Purification Kommando! 3 years 30 weeks ago Purification Kommando
SpermBloodShit because it sounds cool 3 years 31 weeks ago SpermBloodShit
Is Rogga Johansson the renaissance man of death metal? 3 years 34 weeks ago Paganizer
Soul Remnants serve up their dark and obscure death metal 3 years 35 weeks ago Soul Remnants
Hate Force One is ready for take off 3 years 36 weeks ago Hate Force One
Immolation: the kingdom spreads darkness 3 years 40 weeks ago Immolation
Metallica and their trip to Antarctica 3 years 40 weeks ago Metallica
Why Razormaze fire kittens... 3 years 41 weeks ago Razormaze
The creative train of Martyr can't be stopped 3 years 41 weeks ago Martyr
Perverse Suffering aim to demarcate the pathological society 3 years 41 weeks ago Perverse Suffering