Kindra Ravenmoon gets some insight on the band Nothgard and their latest album titled "Age Of Pandora" from the band's drummer D. Ziegler.  On your website you state the history as to when and how Nothgard came to be however my question is: what is it that inspired you to put together such a...
Hola amigo. Hello and congratulations on your new EP man. It really packs a punch. Give us a short bio of Morbid Flesh. How did it all start?When a band called Undertaker split up, some members formed Morbid Flesh. I joined the band just after the recordings of "Reborn In Death" LP, because they...
Hell-o Gore Minister, well-cum to BRUTALISM, how are you?Pretty fine… Just molested a nice rotten corpse, drank a beer and so the day can start in a good way. You started in 1993 as a black metal band called Funeral but only one demo after you change your name and style. What was the reason to...
  First of all, welcome to Ela, how are you?Hola amigo! All is fine here, preparing for party at Obscene Extreme Fest!  Could you introduce Clitgore for the readers of this interview?Clitgore is an perverse goregrind band, with brutal death influences and good black humor....
You've just released your second album entitled "Amorphous". Now that it's out there and finished what are your thoughts? Are you happy with the finished article or are there things you would have changed? Is there a sense of pressure, a weight lifted off of your shoulders now that things are...
Joe catches up with David Porter of rising British metallers Ageless Oblivion. How Are you today? I'm doing pretty well, I didn't get drunk last night so I'm starting off a Saturday actually refreshed! You just finished a tour supporting Vital Remains and Gogoroth How did that go? It was great...
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