Interviews written by: twansibon


Three times right for Irredemption

Irredemption is a Spanish death metal band and active for 25 years. Not only for that but also for their latest album we had a little chat. As you will see in the second question, the friendship between Irredemption and is also long, almost 20 years! Enjoy. Hola amigos. How are you doing? Before we take off please introduce yourself to...


Defixion are invoking invisible forces

Defixion combines music and concept as a reflection of our passion for maledictions, bygone cults and antiquity. Their lyrics contain magical invocations and occultic curses employed in ancient cultures. Please do not practice them lightly or blindly. In this interview we dive a bit deeper into their cult. Before we start, please give a little introduction of yourself and the other band...


Disinfect, Abaddon and Corona

German death metal band Disinfect released their new album, "Abaddon", on November 2nd 2019 via Brute Management. 2019 the band is celebrating their 20th year of existence so time to catch up with Chris, Jan and Morten. Please give us a short introduction of yourself? Chris: Hi Twan. I'm Chris one of the guitarist in the band and creator, main member of...


No more porn for Insurrection

Dirty music for dirty people from the north of the Netherlands: Insurrection plays a melodic variety of death- and thrash- metals and dude, you'd really check out our shattering live performance. No shit! Tough words from the band Insurrection. If this is true you can judge by the answers Armand is giving after their release “Circles Of Despair”. Please give us a...


Is Haeredium a musical dictatorship?

Haeredium is a folk-influenced metal band from Eastern France, whose musical and thematic core is based on the will to integrate folklore-related sounds. Their album "Ascension" is out since march 2019 and got a positive review (read it here) and so time to get in touch with the band. Let's see wh we are dealing with. Can you give us a short...


Why Carthage like violence and battles

Created in order to release intense brutal death metal, with historical lyrical themes. After their relentless debut album it is time to know about the band and the lyrical theme. So dive into history... Can you give us a short introduction of yourself? My name is Leonidas and I know what you are thinking: ‘This is Sparta’! What dragged you into the...


The secret of Haiduk

Haiduk is the death metal solo-project by guitarist Luka Milojica. Haiduk released a raw demo "Plagueswept", full-length debut "Spellbook". "Demonicon" was released in 2015. The latest album "Exomancer" was released in 2018 and it was time to ask Luka some questions. Can you give us a short introduction of yourself? Haiduk is a blackened death metal solo project. What is your musical...


The tribute of Ravenous Dead

Ravenous Death was born to create an evil and fast death metal band. Their first EP "Ominous Deathcult" was released in 2017 independently. In 2018 they worked on their first full length and "Chapters Of An Evil Transition" was released by Memento Mori in the beginning of 2019. The review of the album can be read hear, but before you do this...


The steel symbiosis of Nahum

Nahum is a czech band and existing for more than 15 years. In 2018 they released their album "Within Destruction" which is a smasher of death/thrash metal. You can read the review here and after this album we had to talk to the band. So here you go, some questions and answered by Pavel. Please give us a brief introduction of yourself...


Mass Infection want to thank you!

Mass Infection is a brutal death metal band from Livadia, Greece, founded in 2003 and being fully active ever since. Within nearly two decades of existence, they have released three studio albums and have appeared in numerous live shows all over Europe. At the end of 2018, Mass Infection unleashed their long-awaited fourth full length studio album, time to ask Nick some...


The trance trip of Pressor

Originally from Kostroma, Russia, this stoned sludge doom band is now hailing from Saint Petersburg. Pressor is active since 2008 but started under the monicker Leaden Sky. After several changes in the line up, the name was changed in 2010 to Pressor and start releasing material. Their latest effort is the EP "Weird Things". The review of this EP can be read...


Video interview with Saxon

Paul Lewis did a video interview with Biff when they played Dallas on Feb 17th. [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]