Interviews written by: Paul Lewis


Video interview Gatecreeper

Video interview with Chase (vocals) of Gatecreeper. [embed][/embed]


Video interview Krisiun

Video interview with Alex (bassist/vocalist) for Brazilian death squad Krisiun at the Gas Monkey in Dallas, Texas. [embed][/embed]


Video interview with James of Jungle Rot

Short interview with James Genenz (bass) from Jungle Rot at Mayhem Fest 2015. [embed][/embed]


Video interview with Shattered Sun

Short video interview with Robert (drums) and Henry (keys) from Shattered Sun. [embed][/embed]


Video interview with Liv and Jimmy of Sister Sin

Interview with Liv (vocals) and Jimmy (guitars) of Sister Sin at Mayhem Fest 2015. [embed][/embed]


Inspiration and contrast of Tribulation

Tribulation just completed an American tour with Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, and Aeon. This was the band"s second trip to the states-- how much have you learned from the first tour with Watain? A lot, you learn everytime you try something new. That is why being open minded and trying new things are very important to us, music wise and personally. We learned...


Video interview with Tribulation

12 minute video interview with Tribulation. [embed][/embed]


Video interview with Phil Hall of Cannabis Corpse

Video interview with Phil Hall of Cannabis Corpse. [embed][/embed]


Video interview with Jess And The Ancient Ones

Paul is having a chat with Jess And The Ancient Ones. [embed][/embed]


Inferion, not better but different

I just got your album "This Will Decay", is this first album for Horror Pain Gore Records? Yes. It is the first of hopefully of many more. Correct me if I'm wrong, the band was on Prosthetic at one time? Correction. You might have us confused with another band. We have worked with quite a few labels in the past (some of...


Sargeist and devotion to the Lord of All

The last time I interviewed was for Let The Devil in, seem like a long time? Might be indeed! Time is not more than a passing breath of decay anyhow... Yesterday the band unleashed the fourth album feeding on crawling shadows are happy are you that the album is finally out? Yes, definitely. It is by far the culmination of our creation...


What are the personal experiences of Diabulus In Musica?

Hello, I hope all is well with you Hi! Thanks, same to you :) So what's been going on with Diabulus In Musica? We have been working on the new album and then on the promotion. Also rehearsing for our upcoming show at “Masters of Symphonic Metal” in Switzerland next Saturday. When I first I heard your music the first band that...