Xenomorph stands for spirituality, nihilism and total darkness

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Trans-mutating through the burdens of space and time; it’s the way of the natural born misanthrope, it’s the way of Xenomorph.
Inspired by the extreme death-, black- and thrash-metal cult of the eighties and early nineties, X-Morph took off somewhere in the mid/late nineties to wander the worlds of obscure sounds and magic.
Hard-hitting music combined with dark enigmatic lyrics is the game of this mystic industry which operates under the name of Xenomorph; a name that stands for spirituality, nihilism and total darkness.
At a certain point in time, by some referred to as the beginning of the third millennium, X-Morph recorded their full-length album “Baneful Stealth Desire”. This first serious recording effort captures the X-Morph feeling as it is anno 2001. Haunted by morbid fascinations, dreams and fantasies, X-Morph really takes the lid of the dead on this one; electrifying the air with unrelenting power, aggression and sheer darkness.
The album “Baneful Stealth Desire” will be released in March 2001 by System Shock Records.
Prior to all this, X-Morph experimented alot with different sounds, concepts and ideas to develop into what they have become anno 2001. Examples of that are the demos “Carnificated Dreams” and “Passion Dance”, which recordings later where released on CD under the name of “Acardiacus” by Teutonic Existence Records in 1997.
With all this experimentation, practising and live-performing over the years, X-Morph has become an experienced, tight-playing live-band which can blow the fucking roof off anytime, anywhere.
In the future X-Morph will remain focused on spreading furious and obscure sounds among the masses. Taking on the challenge of being creatively progressive without betraying the authentic death-, black- and thrash-metal cult.
For the path of X-Morph shall be the less travelled one...

interview with P-ter, the alcholo throat burping maniac on 4-9-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I scream and chant in a formation called Xenomorph hailing from The Netherlands. We've just released a debut-album entitled ’Baneful Stealth Desire’.

Where can people download the long version?
People can download the long version by plugging their minds into the extragalactic parallel subdimensions of chaos, misanthropy and madness.

Why did you choose to do the vocals? Ever played any instrument?
For me doing vocals is the most natural and suitable way of expressing myself. And whether or whenever I play with my instrument is a private matter... Shame on you, you dirty boy!

How do you learn the lyrics by head?
I write them all down on a piece of paper and then I'll eat them.

Ever forgot some lines during a live performance?
Never... But sometimes I deliberately change the lyrics during a performance to get a better hold of the athmosphere and more importantly to annoy people.

Any interest to join 'De Sleuteltjes'?
Yeah, but those assholes didn't accept me with my golden voice because of my so called rabid drug and alcohol abuse, can you believe that? That's also the reason why I founded Xenomorph like everybody knows....

How are the reactions to the Baneful CD? Did you expect this?
Grrrrrrreat!! Baneful Stealth Desire has been received extremely well all over this fucking planet. Much beyond our wildest expectations. You know, we made this album in a very solitary environment without caring much what others would think about it. It became a very obscure, dark, raw and aggressive METAL-album. In the end we'll just have to conclude that there are alot more sick bastards on this planet then we've expected!

I like the artwork. Do you think this contributes for the expectations?
Yes, and that's a good thing because people should always expect the best from Xenomorph.

Why aren't there guitar leads in the songs?
Our songs are very well-structured and there's alot of stuff going on all the time in our music. We do use leads sometimes but only when the song asks for it and almost never in the form of a 'classic' metal lead, but in more subtle ways.

Why does the vocalist always stand in front of bandpics?
Because the rest of the band is very shy...

Or do you think you are the most handsome one?
That too...

How long are you involved in the metalscene? Remember your first metal song?
I don't know, maybe a couple of hundred years or so... First metal song must have been something like Iron Maiden or something non-original like that. But I really got infected with the extreme Metal virus by listening to old records of Venom.

Your fav Rubberen Robbie song?
'Hallo, hou op, schei uit, ga weg, kap er mee...'

Spend much time on the lyrics? Where do you get inspiration from?
Yes and no... (good answer right?!). I receive most lyrics by meditation and mindtravelling through the darkest dephts and highest highs. It's mostly spirits and places that inspire me, not people, humans are highly pathetic to put it kindly.

Any artists you like and wish to follow workshops with them?
Haha, of course not! I rather drink beer in the pub. But it may be that the rest of the band thinks a bit differently about this subject...

How much sparetime do you put in the band? Do you work?
I am still studying, but alot of sparetime I spend on Xenomorph. You know, like writing stuff and then throwing it away etc. etc. (not to mention answering stupid interviews...).

What is your goal with Xenomorph?
To make intense quality metal that's extreme and underground and possesses an own unique twist and style in this world where too many bands are just playing safe and boring.

What do you do on October 3rd? Explain to the non-knowners.
On October 3rd there is a little bit of a party in my hometown Leiden. Everyone's drunk and nauseous of all kinds of obscure food and attractions. Naturally I'll be a little wasted for a couple of days then, singing 'Rubberen Robbie' songs and getting into fights... Sounds like fun right?!

Any plans to tour with some famous band? Want to tour outside the Benelux?
There are plans for a european tour but I can't give you much details about that at this stage.

Where do you get the energy to go on stage? How do you train your throat?

Are you searching for groupies in the audience or your mother?
Hmmm, no I don't let my mother look for groupies. We have specially trained groupy-searchers for that purpose (and their mothers...).

How much water do you drink after a gig?

Is it important to contact other bands in your area for support?
I believe that a strong underground metal-scene is very important and something that all bands and everyone involved can benefit from. But we're not consciously contacting other bands to gain support, that would be stupid, and we don't need that kind of support anyway. We respect all cool underground bands and people that cross our path. Let others do the ass-kissing, that's not our style.

Do you think there is an underground feeling? Are you part of it?
Definately and yes.

Who should contact you? And who don't?
Everyone should feel free to contact Xenomorph.

Last rites?
Support the extreme Black-, Death- and Thrash- METAL cult, and keep on terrorizing this planet with your misanthropy... Play it loud, fuck things up and kill the bastards - 'cause We are the future!! Stay sick, stay underground... In darkness, X-morph.
Interviewer: twansibon
Sep 14, 2001
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