Without Rome we wouldn't have Ex Deo

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Kataklysm's frontman maurizo is a busy man not only he's touring with his band Kataklysm, he also own his own agency Rock The Nation and Hard Impact Management. Other than Kataklysm he also fronting Ex Deo. Inspired by his love of roman history. Maurizo decided to form Ex Deo after releasing one album on Nuclear Blast. Maurizo decided separate the two projects from each other by signing Ex Deo to Napalm Records. The band released their debut for Napalm titled "Caligva" which is an epic journey into Rome's glorious and bloodied history. With the Pagan Fest Tour under their belts, Ex Deo is preparing to assault the States as support for Krisiun. I recently caught the never tiring workaholic about the new album and upcoming tour.

Hello Maurizo, I hope all is well with you. Looks like you have a full plate with Ex Deo and Kataklysm both touring. How you manage without burning yourself out?
This is for sure the biggest challenge in my carreer.. it is the first time I'm caught between two releases, first Iron Will dvd documentary of Kataklysm 20 years and the new Ex Deo album, its been very tough to handle all the demand, its a positive thing because its happening on the reason that we are at the moment receiving great response on both releases, on top of it I have my own agency Rock The Nation USA and Hard Impact Managment .. so my days are very full, I am a workaholic, so its good stress for me.

Congratulations on getting signed to Napalm Records. Tell me how this pact in blood came about?
We had a one album deal with Nuclear Blast, we decided that we wanted to separate Kataklysm and Ex Deo so they are not on the same label. We dont want to mix both things, was a smart move in my opinion, lets see what "Caligva" brings.

I finally got to listen to the new album "Caligva", it's a very epic album?
Thanks, yes it is.. I mean this album will transport you in a place you have never been before, its a very unique experience, since it has an almost cinematic feel to it.

I know that Ex Deo was signed to Nuclear Blast why the band decided to leave Nuclear Blast for Napalm?
Just time to separate both projects, we also weren't seeing eye to eye on the vision for this. They did a great job in developing Kataklysm but I felt they didn't have the right vision behind Ex Deo, theres alot of potential behind this band, it hits a complete new nerve and the followers are growing very fast now, I always knew it needed time and a few albums.

Ex Deo started as a side project first?
Started as an idea, side project .. but we always knew it was gonna become a full on band, we just had to be careful how we present it.

How get into Roman history?
The Roman history is part of my ancestors history, it is something normal for me being of Italian origin but also the world should realize that it influenced our current way of life and the freedoms we enjoy today, if it wasn't for Rome and Greece, we would be living in very different world under different type of laws that would have nothing to do with what we know now.

I watch alot of shows on the History Channel about the Roman empire. In some ways the empire was more of progressive empire with their tax system and elections?
Yes, they knew that the only way they could grow as society was too implement taxes so that they could fund the army that would protect them but also help builds roads, aquaducts to better the life of every citizen, Romans had forward thinking vision .. and they realize by giving more power to the people, the world would prosper more.

Their military was amongst greatest at the time too?
It  was the most invincible army for centuries lasting 1000 years .. no army has ever duplicated its achievements.

I know this is the most cliche question, you feel this album is step forward from the band's debut album?
Yes, its more serious, more directed step forward and shows alot more confidence.

Ex Deo is going on tour with Septic Flesh, Krisiun, and Melechesh. When that tour going to commence?
It will be in October and will start in Canada .. very cool package all great bands.

How well the album doing so far?
So far its looking very promising, it was trendcharting in Germany already for the top 100, which is incredible for a second album but most impressive is that it started #1 at radio with mosts added for single beating out Judas Priest 30th anniversary release, thats huge ..and I think it shows the interest behind this.

Ex Deo also did some dates on the last Pagen Fest Tour. What were the reactions from audience when you guys hit the stage?
Fucking crazy.. it was the second time hitting those cities and the reactions were mind blowing, people really enjoy this and I must admit Ex Deo live is something very cool to see, its impressive and very dominating.

Most important question, what the feedback been from the Kataklysm fans?
So far most of our fans are real fans who like us also as people, so they follow what we do, some will remain Kataklysm fanatics and no other band could touch it, and some like both bands ..some people like Ex Deo more .. so for me I win in all sides.

I like this album, it sounds so different from Kataklysm?
It does.. it is more soundtrack like, more epic, the storyline is very theatrical,  its heavy and more dark, I call it the Kataklysm evil twin hehe.

How much the other band members contributed to this album?
Everybody put 100% but Jonathan worked very hard on the Symphonies and JF had the big task of working the music and also the massive production.

Who were the female singers that appeared on the song 'Divide Et Impera'?
Mariangela from Tristania.. very beautiful voice.

Your girlfriend also appeared on the band's latest video. I haven't seen the video can you give me a little summary about the video?
She plays Caligvas sister Aggripina, its a video taken place in Caligva's entertainement hall/ living room .. where two gladiators fight for his pleasure ..

I been a fan of the show Spartacus for quite some time. What's opinion of the show?
Its entertaining to watch, although Hollywood keeps showing a negative side to Rome, like if it was always a evil entity, people should get educated and read on Spartacus .. he was part of the Roman army, he stole from the army and also deserted the army.. what happens today in the modern world when you desert or go awol on an army like the US army? You get arrested ..thats what they tried to do .. he wasn't really how they portray him to be on the series, lets see now if they stay through to the story .. because Spartacus falls in real life and his army crucified.. sorry for the spoiler ;)

You ever watch the original movie with Kirk Douglas?
Yes its amazing, funny at times because its so old.. but I love it

Tell the readers the story behind the songs on "Caligva"?
It's sequel to the song Tiberius Cliff'. That deals with parallel of both man, the song speaks about what Caligva thinks.

I like to thank you for doing this interview hopefully i'll be able to see you Sept. 5th at Trees.