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Romanticizing rape, torture, and cannibalism since 2007, Paroxysmal Butchering delivers unrelenting guttural sickness, exemplifying the essence of Brutal Death Metal, while incorporating elements of Grindcore and Black Death into a full scale aural fist fuck of blasting perversity. Churning out misanthropic disgust from the festering bowels of Southern California, Paroxysmal Butchering has worked hard to establish a loyal fan base, worldwide, and create music that is both punishing and ferocious, yet memorable. As a band, Paroxysmal Butchering continues to assert itself as THE premier purveyor of ear drum punishing, genital obliterating brutality and let's see what Tim can add to this.

So… Tim! First of all congratulations on your full length. An awesome piece of brutal death metal. What’s the feedback so far?
Thanks, man. We've had really positive feed back, since we released it. We released it last year, and it's nice to see that people have taken to it, the way that they have, and still upload tracks on YouTube, and Facebook. It's great to have listeners who support the music like that.

You are really becoming a high standard name in the underground scene, but there might still be someone out there who hasn’t heard the name, so take your time and please answer probably the most boring question in the world. What would someone have to know about Paroxysmal Butchering?
Hmmm... If you hate when bands write short songs, we're probably not the band for you. Hahaha

Hahahah…Nice one..So…This first full length was released under ‘Show No Mercy Recs’. How satisfied are you from this collaboration? Do you see the band moving into a bigger label as the band’s name grows, or are you satisfied with what ‘Show No Mercy’ provides?
We're all very satisfied with SNM; Darren (and DS) are awesome guys, really cool, down to earth, and easy to share ideas with, and talk to. If in the future, a bigger label showed interest in PB, I'm sure it would be in everyone's best interest to pursue that, but for now, we are working on our second release with SNM. That's our current focus.

‘Supreme Revulsion’ was released mid 2012 if I am not wrong, and now we’re close to 2014! Almost a year and a half since its release! When you listen to that stuff now, are there things you find, that needed to be done differently? What would you probably change if you had the chance to go back?
Oh, man... No comment. Haha, no, there is a LOT of things I would have done differently, vocally. Musically, there was stuff, here and there, but it's good to have something that you KNOW you can improve upon. This next album will do that.

Tell me a little about the recording sessions. Those things you play are demanding and something tells me that studio time could easily be a pain in the ass…Was it indeed a pain in the ass? Any funny shit to share during the recordings?
I fucking hate recording. Hahaha. Yes, it is a pain in the ass. The drums were a massive pain, just because we were actually paying for that studio time. Guitars, Bass, and Vocals were equally bothersome, but we were doing that for free, in Joshes room, so pain in the ass, or not, you can't really argue with free. Haha.

Recording always has it's moments, just because people losing their shit, and getting really upset is usually pretty funny. Nacho had a track nailed, 100% and fucked up at literally the last second, and had to re-record the entire track, I had to re-do a few vocal tracks (a few times), because my highs were sounding like some bootleg Black Metal, and I couldn't get my voice to sound normal, and Josh and Floyd recording bass, that was just fun to watch.

So what was the plan on promoting the album? Hit as many live gigs as possible? Was there a tour or single live shows?
We played a LOT of shows the year we released it. We're actually not going to be playing any more shows, for a while; instead, we're going to really focus on writing our new album, and after that, we'll see about getting back in to playing shows. And, yes, we did tour, this last summer, but it wasn't for the release of the album, or anything.

One of the new frenzies on creativity is Kickstarter. Obviously music could not stay aside, and apparently death metal would join. The big example is Obituary, and couple of other death metal bands. I would like your opinion on that! How honest do you find a death metal band, asking for funds in order to record an album, through Kickstarter?
I actually wasn't aware of any of that stuff, but I don't really know why an established band like that would expect it's listeners to pay not only for the album, and subsequent merchandise, but also to help foot the cost of the album's recording, as well... That being said, Obituary didn't hold a gun to anyone's head, so if people donated money, that's their decision. I guess it comes down to "if you don't like what they're doing, don't donate to their cause".

Let’s talk about the lyrics on the album. Your lyrics have to do with the love of god, compassion, heaven, angels and other Christmas carol themes…hahaha..I am obviously kidding. Your lyrics are swirling around blood and gore in any form. You obviously follow the blood-fun protocol. You think that death metal lyrics should be bloody? Can a band actually play death metal and change peoples’ lives through its lyrics?
Hahaha, amen... PB's lyrics are too ridiculous to be taken seriously. It's Death Metal, and for Death Metallers, it's fun. On "Supreme Revulsion" I went overboard on the gore, and rape, and coprophilia, just because that's Death Metal. On the new album, the lyrics are a lot "deeper", but in no way are they going to change anyone's life. They're less comically violent, and more seriously violent, haha. I'm sure people write lyrics looking to "open listeners eyes" and all, and good for them, but I think hope clashes with DM's general theme.

How important is the element of fun for you in your music? I mean…you got a sample from the awesome movie ‘’The big Lebowski’’ , and obviously the song titles and the whole album , besides its brutality, has a great sense of humor that empowers it. How important is humor in brutal death metal?
I personally think humor is important in every aspect of life, just because people take shit way too seriously, and in reality, nothing's really that serious. We all love putting on high energy, fun shows, which sounds odd, since it's Death Metal, and all, but like I said, to Death Metal fans, this stuff IS fun, this is how they enjoy themselves.

So let me put you in a dilemma. You got two kind of fans coming at you after a gig. One tells you that he bought all your stuff, and it was the worst shit he could possibly buy, and the other one just downloaded everything, and liked it so much, that he had to tattoo the name of the band in his dick! Which one stays and which one goes? The buyer or the downloader?
The downloader, 10 times out of 10. If you're looking to pay your bills with DM, you're in the wrong line of work. Most of our listeners download our stuff, haha, I have no problem with that. I still receive messages from strangers apologizing for "stealing" our music, and it's like, "did you like it? did you tell your friends about it? ... good."

So what do Paroxysmal Butchering work on currently? New songs? New album probably? New live shows?
We are currently working on our second album, Human Smasher. All of the tracks have been written, and as soon as Josh has some free time, we will begin the recording process.

What do you usually do when not growling with bloodshot eyes behind a mic? Where would someone find you during a regular Saturday night? Drinking beers til morning or stayin home watchin the new Casablanca blue ray edition?
People usually tell me they see me riding my bike, haha. That's usually what I'm doing, that, or hiking. I'm not big on social life.

Well...that was all from me man. Thank you for your time. Close this shit any way you find appropriate!
Thanks, man, this was fun! I look forward to hearing new shit from Incineration, and everyone, make sure you keep an eye out for the new PB album, "Human Smasher"
Interviewer: twansibon
Nov 2, 2013

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