What will you do on the Last Days Of Humanity?

interview with Last Days Of Humanity

interview with Erwin on 10-11-2001

Please give us a short introduction of your self?
Hi Twan, ok, we are LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY, we are now with 3 guys only, since our bass-player sadly enough left us. So now there is Marc on drums, William on guitar and Erwin SMES on microphone.

How did you came part of LDOH?
Well, LDOH was looking for a new singer, and William knew my project S.M.E.S., and liked the voice, so he decided to give me a call, and how could I refuse, I love goregrind!

Do you have side projects? What kind of music is that?
Yes, Marc is busy with a side project called ’URINE FESTIVAL’, it is a noisy drum-machine project, offcourse with the grossest voices again. I have a project called S.M.E.S., its a techno/gore/grind mix, also with gore voices.

How do get to sing like this? If you can call it singing?
We use effects on the voice. You are right, I usualy look at those kind of voices more like a solo instrument, I just like the sound of it and it can give me goosebumps if it is done the right way.

What is the fun to play in LDOH? How serieus can it be?
Well, who told you it had to be serious? hahaha. Thats just the point, we have fun making the music, and it is nice that so many people like to listen to it. Its a big kick to see people go crazy in front of the stage while we are playing live.

Does LDOH stand for someting? Want you to spread something?
The only thing LDOH would want to stand for is brutal goregrind. We want to spread ultrafast gory grind for people like us, and give them a good time.

From what countries do you get fanmail from? Some unexpected?
We get fanmail from all parts of the world, since our label (BONES BRIGADE PROD) has done a good job on the promotion. We get mail from South America, Russia, Indonesia, Japan and many more. All of them are unexpected, since we dont expect any fanmail at all.

You have a lot of split releases. Is this easier to get known?
Yes, it is a good way of promotion for the band, and we get free copies we can sell at the gigs and so we can do some stuff like print stickers orso. Also its a great way to present your band to the fans of the band you are splitting with, and dont know LDOH, or the other way around. Its an underground way of helping eachother out.

What is the guy doing on the cover with the split with STOMA?
Yes, to bad it didnt come out as good as it should be. But if you scan the cover and make it smaller, you can see more clearly what it is. It is a guy, he's covered with shit, stiring with a huge dildo in a toilet-bowl, just the usual, we stole the idea from André Hazes...

Do you visit the gore sites a lot? Your favs?
Yeah we do, there are a lot of them these days, and now it is realy hard to find something original to use for a cd cover coz we want to use pictures that have not been on the net yet. All this because for instance the picture that was on the ’HYMNS OF...’ cd, has been used by a couple of bands... I think: ’www.rotten.com’ is one of the most complete one, but like I said, there are so many now a days.

What is the fun to sign about gore? Why not about car washing etc?
Hey! You havent done your researche properly....We do sing about washing a car, it is in the song ’RAPED IN THE BACK OF A VAN’. So that should answer your question.

What will you do on the last day of humanity?
I am sure we will all immediately will start having sex one way or the other!

Is there a future for the newborns? How do you see the future?
Oh, thats a question with real good researche, since you know I am expecting a newborn in may! I cant look in the future, but when I look back at for instance the middle ages, there were many wars, people were hanged, impaled, gutted blood runned, there was plague and many more ’negative’ things, and now a thousand years later we are still enjoying life in our way. There will always be dangers around I guess...

If you could guide the future, what would you do?
From the bands view point I think we would like to play a lot of gigs everywhere, and have some more nice releases.

How does your stage act looks like? Throw with blood, fecal, vomit etc?
No, we dont have any of that. We make a big wall of goregrind and throw it at the audience. People usualy go crazy, like in Gent at the Frontline club, 2 people had to be taken to a hospital during the gig coz they got hurt while going crazy...

Do you examen your puke to see what you ate?
William and I usualy remember what we ate the day before, but Marc usualy has to look at it to see what he ate, but usualy he cant see the difference between shoarma or kebab when it comes out, then we have to help him, so we prefere it that he eats pizza.

What was the best place for you to puke and had a laugh?
For me it must have been the parties at Witteveen's. They were real pukeparties, especialy because they put wodka in waterpipes and stuff like that. There also was a gig LDOH did with Hans Smits as the singer at that time, and he puked over (and in) his vocal effect....this was at the pop-ei in Eindhoven.

What do you do in normal life? Are there times you don't think about gore?
We all have a normal daytime job, but even during that we think about gore. It starts in the morning when we get up and look in the mirror.

What can we expect in the future of LDOH?
Offcourse a lot of GORE!!!!!!!!!! There will be split cd with SANITYS DAWN on BONES BRIGADE, and we will appear on the DUTCH ASSAULT 4-way split cd, part of the RELAPSE ’World series’, along with SUPOSITORY, INHUME and S.M.E.S. And we are working on a new full-length cd at this moment.

Last rites?
Just that we hope to see a lot of you guys at the gigs we will be doing in the future! And offcourse big thanx to you Twan for the support and the great intie! Stay gore!
Interviewer: twansibon
Nov 10, 2001
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