What does S.M.E.S. mean?

interview with s.m.e.s. smes

S.M.E.S. is a one man project from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The music is a pleasure to listen especially when you realize everything is done at home and alone. He enjoys what he is doing and started way back in 1999. Till now he recorded the following items:

1999 -’Humans were the first plague’ demo 1
2000 -’I dont give...’ demo 2
2000 -’C.S.S.O., Ghettoblaster, S.M.E.S.’ 3-split cd
2000 -’S.M.E.S./Fuck the facts’ split tape
Out in June 2001: Gynophagia/S.M.E.S. split tape

interview with Erwin on 22-5-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself.
I’m Erwin, I make music on a computer, and I call the project S.M.E.S.

What does S.M.E.S. mean?
S.M.E.S. means Schijten Met Een Stijve, roughly translated as ’taking a shit with a hard dick’.

Why do you play alone? Ever tried to play in a band?
I like to do it alone, I can do my own thing. I am the singer of LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY, so I try very often....

Is the music something you have to do or just for the fun?
I have to do it for fun, it is a way to express myself.

Ever tried to perform live in one way or another?
With L.D.O.H. we played a gig with C.B.T. and SANITYS DAWN, that was great!

What kind of music do you listen to yourself?
I like underground grore/grind, with vocal effects the best, but I listen to every style of music, if its not because I like it, then it is to learn from.

Ever been on a saturday to IKEA?
Yes, but the only thing I like, they wont sell....the ballenbak!

Any respons to your recordings from outside your circle of friends?
Yes I get a lot of reactions, from Brasil, U.S.A., Germany, Australia, Czech rep., Panama, Saudi Arabia, Turkey.... and I could continue... its great, I never expected this when I started.

You only got tattoos on the arms?
No I’ve got more, but I'll let you guess where......

What makes you puke?
When I smoke joints and drink alcohol at the same time...so I hardly drink......

Any bands you recommand that are not well known?
Yes there are some from around here, like ROMPEPROP, they play a mixture between HAEMORRHAGE and GUT, and DISFIGURE, they play brutal grind with drumcomputer.

Do you do any activity in the underground scene?
I don’t run a distro or label, if that is what you mean.... sometimes I try to arrange some gigs....

Do you have any strange kind of hobby?
I like to do FIFA 2001 on Playstation maniacaly much.....I cant help myself.....

Last rites?
Not realy, just be yourself and keep it cool, Thanx for the interview and support Twan!

Houdoe en bedankt!
Interviewer: twansibon
May 22, 2001

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