Weapons To Hunt are truly ‘Blessed In Sin

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I had a chat with Weapons To Hunt’s frontman Adrie Kloosterwaard after a stunning debut release that went down a storm in my book, it was only right we got to speak about this album. Weapons To Hunt’s members are very busy musicians so I am rather pleased I got the time to speak to Adrie.

‘Blessed In Sin’ is a pretty damn good release, were you expecting such a positive reaction to the album?
Of course its normal that you hope that people will like what you are doing with the band, but when not, what can you do?? Don't forget that we make at the first place music for ourselves and that we have to be pleased with the end result, after this you only can hope that other people also will like it. But recently, I see almost only good reviews so everybody happy.

Do you think the band members past experience has made this an easier process of creating something that sounds natural?
I think so yes ... Ron (Guitars and Bass) is a great guitar player and has played for so long that he knows how things have to sound. Ron is the man.. he is making all the music and lyrics and the rest of the band really likes what he is creating for Weapons To Hunt. Of course with Bastiaan (Lead Guitars), Paul (Beltman – Drums) and myself he has good members how can fill in the sound he likes to have.

Is there a theme or blueprint you followed in the songs on ‘Blessed In Sin’?
I can tell you that all songs are going about War and Slaughter.

Why the name change from ‘Infinited Hate’ and subsequent re-grouping as ‘Weapons To Hunt’? You are all busy with other bands and projects.
After 3 records with Infinited Hate it was time for something different. Ron and I where more in the mood for old school death-thrash metal and we said that we were not able to do this under the name Infinited Hate, so new sound new name. I know that Ron is doing only this and what Paul is doing at the moment I have no idea. Bastiaan and I we put all our free time into the killer band Sinister.

Who produced the album? It sounds pretty amazing and powerful.
Paul did the recordings for this record. He has his own small studio “Helter Belter” and that was working out really good for us, so no time pressure for Weapons To Hunt!

What is your studio recording method? Individual/group recording etc.?
Everybody is doing his thing alone ha ha. I never did one practise with the band for this record. Ron gave me a cd with vocal lines and lyrics on it and that is what I had to practice at home with for one week and then it was time to enter the studio, but everything turned out really cool I think.

Were all the songs pre-written before entering the studio?
All tracks where already finished before we started recording. We did not change anything when we were recording because we liked the songs the way they were.

You have released your album on iTunes, do you fully embrace this LEGAL digital medium?
What can i say about this… It’s the way it is. I like to have the real thing and that is a cd or vinyl. When you are a real fan of the music then you buy it so you can support the bands you like. (Totally in agreement! - Paul)

What is the concept behind the album artwork and who made it?
There is no concept behind the cover. We have this cover because we really fucking love it and this master piece is from the hands of Mr Juanjo Castellano.

A lot of people may look at the band members and note something of a coincidence with another band due to its members. What is different between those bands and Weapons To Hunt?
I think when people are really into extreme music I don't have to tell why Sinister or Infinited Hate are complete different than Weapons To Hunt .. so check it out. (Good point! - Paul)

Is there a different song writing method or approach in Weapons To Hunt to your other projects or bands?
No not so much I think. Most of the time the guitar player comes with new ideas for a song and from there you try to make it good as possible so that all members are pleased with it. Weapons To Hunt are maybe a bit different because we are never together as a band and this will also never happen.

How did you get involved with Vic Records and what do they bring to Weapons To Hunt?
I contacted Roel at the label and told him about Weapons To Hunt and asked was this something for his label, and after some emails we came to a deal .. we are still really thankful for this.

Can we expect some live dates in 2013?
NO .. sorry !!!!

In the light of that answer, I was going to as if there is any artist or band you think would be ideal for the band to tour with if you were to tour?
I cannot answer this now of course, but Weapons To Hunt with (old) Kreator & Sadus sounds good to me hahaha.

I touched upon iTunes earlier, in regards Death/Thrash in general, what are your views of the scene? Do you think there are too many bands, too little? do you think the scene is growing in quality as quantity for this genre doesn’t seem to be a problem, there are a lot of bands even just in Europe?
Ha ha this is not easy for me to answer because people will say right away .. fuck you with your Sinister. The only thing that I can say that there are too many fucking shit bands in the scene. But the good bands out there have great skills.

Thank you for your time, it’s been a real pleasure the get your thoughts
‘Blessed In Sin’ is out now on Vic Records, do yourself a favour and go and buy it.