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The foundations of the 'Vuist-horde' go back to may 2000 when it was founded by Rik (Dark Remains), Edo and Rob. With some gigs planned in the near future Erik (Demalion) teamed up with Vuist in april 2002. During the same year the 'Megaknuppelinferno'-promo's (Live & Unlive) were recorded in order to capture and preserve the Thrash / Death-oriented creations. After a few gigs Ronald (Demalion / Aces) was added to the live-line up, hereby making it possible for Rob to focus himself on the vocals.
September 2003 saw the release of Vuist's debutalbum MiStorMelancholy. To promote this CD, Vuist will head for several venues and present their Death Thrash Metal to the Headbangers of all Nations. In january 2004 our search for a permanent bassplayer ended when Jeff (ex- Mourning) joined VUIST.

interview with Rob on 04-08-2004

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Greetings from RobMenschenfeind, I’m in VUIST eversince we started back in 2000. Furthermore I’ve played in Menschenfeind (Black Metal) and Morning Fall (Black/Death Metal).

Why a Dutch name and everything in English? Can foreigners pronounce it oke?
The name Vuist was around for a while before we decided to team up in order to make some metal, so when we did we didn't have to think long to decide it would be an ok name for the band.
Furthermore, it's a short name with an aggressive content and it's quite catchy also (if one comprehends the Dutch language that is..).
The great majority of my lyrics are in English, I'm also experimenting with some French and German parts in some of them, but I've actually never attempted to write Vuist-lyrics in Dutch. The most lyrics are descriptions of scenes and atmospheres and are somehow best captured in English, which works out quite ok for me. I don't see a reason to write Dutch lyrics simply because our bandname is Dutch as well. A huge amount of black metal bands with names originating from books by Tolkien aren't writing in the languages he created, are they?

Rather raise your fist on stage as a salute or use it to fistfuck a groupie?
Well, I've never encountered any groupies, let alone ones who had the wish of being fistfucked on stage, so let's keep it to saluting. But volunteers can always send an e-mail to

Do you wanna promote the Dutch scene or the global death thrash scene? Why?
There are some excellent Dutch death thrash bands around that are worth promoting. Bands like the mighty Flesh Made Sin, Judgement Day, Imbolc, Mortuary IOD and Xenomorph for example, do a great job and get the metal flowing on stage all the times!
Metal is more like a global thing in my opinion so it would be quite foolish to only focus on the Dutch scene.
One day I hope to realise the ambition to set up a site dedicated to 80's thrash/death/black metal of all nations, since there’s a lot brutal music yet to be explored, considering the old, unknown stuff I get to hear from time to time!

Some described your logo as ugly and childish. How does that effect your mental state?
Indeed some people did, it can't really bother me. I'm fully aware of the fact that the metal scene doesn't consist entirely out of people who like anything they get their eyes on, or listen to. I don't anyway!
So don’t expect me to start a desperate search around my house for razorblades or anything like that...

How do you dress on stage? Part of an image or just asa metal fan?
We don’t dress up otherwise than we normally do when visiting a gig, we’re out there to make some noise. However it was great fun to visit a gig a couple of years ago and to find out that the vocalist from one of the bands dressed up like Fred Flintstone and was hitting the audience with an inflatable doll... But people don’t have to expect that kind of stuff from me.

Which band has the best stage act? Why?
Like mentioned above I don’t really care a lot about gimmicks or any shit like that. A band with a cool stage act brings a dedicated, solid and intense performance of their art in my opinion. Bands like Primordial, Flesh Made Sin, Gospel of the Horns and Discipline for instance.

In which country/area would you like to spread the word of Vuist? What do you think to expect there?
Well, we’ve done a couple of gigs in the area we’re all from (in the West of Holland). But a recent voyage to the East (Enschede), where we’ve encountered a more energetic crowd, was quite ok also.
When it comes to Thrash-influenced Metal Germany’s quite ok of course, so it wouldn’t hurt to send some stuff up there. What to expect out there, well let’s send some packages first and then see what happens, or not.

Currently writing new material? Will it differ? What is the progression?
Since the release of MiStorMelancholy we’ve completed three new songs and loads of stuff we still have to work out. The new titles are ‘Enigma in ashes’, ‘Manmade madness’ and ‘Generation Panzerfaust’.
The difference and also the progress is the atmosphere within the new tracks. The new material’s got a more hostile feeling which reflects in the tempo; we’ve cranked things up a bit you see. Nevertheless the diversity within the tempo is still present and remains an important part of the songstructures.

Feel it necessary to include political statements in the band? Is it a privelege living in a democracy?
Within my lyrics for VUIST I don’t desire to make personal political statements. However I do write of politically-related items, but they are placed in a more historical point of view. The Calling (... To strength and grandeur) for instance, deals with General De Gaulle’s efforts during WW II. Generation Panzerfaust is largely based upon a book (The Führerbunker, written by Uwe Bahnsen and James P.O’Donnell) about the battle of Berlin in the spring of 1945.
If I had to choose whether to live in a democracy or not, I’d go for living in one definitely. It’s got lots of priviliges for sure, of course there are being made quite some decisions that I oppose yet have little influence on, and there might be a lot of fuckheads screaming things that seem like utter nonsense to me but in the end things don’t match up to each other.

Do you follow world news? Like the Irak debacle? Expansion of the EU?
Yes, I do follow world news, quite closely in fact. When it comes to Irak I can say that I find it very interesting to observe the ways people deal with it and try to make it look like. Especially the huge difference between Europe on one side and the US and Britain on the other that’s been blown up completely within the media. It would be nice to hear some other opinions beside those two as well!
When it comes to the expansion of the EU, I don’t disagree concerning the idea but this has been an enormous change. The EU has a past of expansions with two, three countries at a time. History has proved that those are somehow controllable situations, but as much as ten countries in one time is far too enthousiastic I think. Furthermore I can’t back the EU all the way, a kind of European cooperation on economic and environmental basis for instance is cool with me but an own currency and an own constitution is overdone in my book.

Do you think there is a meaning of living our live? Why does mankind exist while there is no life after death?
Well, when one observes the way mankind has ravaged itself across all four corners of the globe for ages it can’t be much else than a quite destructive one I guess...
Just to kill time probably...

What will happen if every living creature on earth will shit in the sea at the same time?
I’d figure the majority would probably drown in their own shite right away, and the rest? Well, if they possessed a shred of decency they’d probably take some pictures that would later on end up as covers for a couple of grindcore split7’’ or something!!! Hahaha!

Can you describe the future for the band? What do you wanna reach?
First of all we’re working on some gigs to be planned in the next couple of months, promoting the MiStorMelancholy album and having a good time. Furthermore it would also be nice to have some new songs to perform live.
Well, I can tell you one thing, VUIST’s not the most ambitious band around... Just playing some metal we all can stand behind and having a good time seems the most logical answer to me.

Describe a rehearsel evening. How many beers? Which covers are played?
First of all starting off with a cup of strong coffee of course and than fuck around a bit which usually results in a huge cacophony! Play the setlist have a beer, or two, do some new shit, have a beer and see what time’s left for other stuff.
We did Roswell’47 from Hypocrisy and are always suggesting numerous others to each other but so far that’s the only one we’ve ever done live. There are always shreds of songs with the likes of Metallica, Slayer, Naglfar and stuff like that but they haven’t resulted in entire coversongs so far.

Can you remember when you played with the band for the first time. Convinced that you would joined the group?
VUIST started out as a three piece and Rik and I were already in a band (Morning Fall) not to long before the first rehearsel with VUIST took place, but it was quite ok. We both knew Edo for quite a while also, it’s always easier when you know what to expect of each other when it comes to making music.

Do you aim personal technical perfection or a strong collective?
A strong collective is the most important thing but beside that everyone is also very keen on their personal progression. And when all are improving I guess it can’t be harmful to the collective either.

What do you do when people ask if you also like Slipknot?
Well, I’ve never hung out with the boyscouts so I don’t know a great deal about knots and things. Bondage is not quite the thing for me also, so try someone who is into that kind of shit.

Ever thought of the consequences of this intie on the BRUTALISM site?
No. Actually I didn’t, but I guess it won’t incite CNN to cancel all programs and make a Breaking News item out of it...

Last rites?
Well Twan, thanks for the interview and sorry about the delay.
Everyone keep your eyes open for VUIST gigs in the near future, our debutalbum MiStorMelancholy is also still available (€10 The Netherlands, €11 Europe, €12 rest o/t world).

Blast through the bounderies of common sense!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Apr 8, 2004

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