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... works created through strict use of experimentation and improvisational techniques... the most important element is the depiction of atmosphere where all instruments/sounds fuse together. Noise, chaos, infinity, beauty, darkness, light, pain, harmony, melancholy, rhythm, power, melody, repetition, dissonance and duality are all concepts expressed herein...

~the VLE~
VLE, a project started by one creature (~the VLE~) in July 2001, inspired by ocean sunsets, darkness and silence. ~the VLE~ has created improvised expressive minimalist soundscapes that serve to evoke different emotions. VLE is a journey through timeless motifs and cosmic spheres of existence. The sound of VLE is raw and emotional as all pieces were constructed without use of programming or traditional composition style. The music of VLE is very eclectic as each piece represents the different moods we all experience in this life. This is music from the soul... music erected from the subconscious. And if you are open to other states of consciousness, you too shall learn. VLE invites you to experience the deepest realms of darkness and Beauty.

VLE is a virtual listening experience

interview with the eViL onE on 4-9-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I am the sole member and creator of all sounds expressed through the channel known as VLE.

Where does VLE stand for?
VLE stands for all that is dark and powerful. VLE stands for the eViL onE as I am referred and misunderstood. VLE stands for Virtual Listening Experience as seen through the Illusions of the Flesh.

Why is it a one man project? Non equal mind to find?
This is a personal journey. No one else can express what I must, so I see no need to look to others for assistance.

Do you use the sounds for meditation?
I would say that the sounds can induce a meditative dream-like state, but this can only be achieved if one is open to receiving knowledge.

How do you start writing? And how do you record?
The process by which the songs are constructed is more akin to an outpore of energy and emotions via the subconsious. In other words, I don't plan how a piece will turn out so there is no preset in style or form as far as composition and execution is concerned. All of my creations are improvised experiments played in real-time. The music comes... I don't plan it, so each song takes it's own path to fulfillment. I recorded most of the basic tracks on an old 4-track. This explains why in most cases the sound is raw; but I feel this adds to the atmosphere which, for me is most important thing. I am in my most creative mode during the nocturnal hours, but I must emphasize the fact that I do not make any claims of being a singer, keyboard player or drummer. I am a self-taught guitar player and my approach to any and all instruments is a very loose and explorative one. I feel my natural instincts are the only true guides I follow in trying to express myself through these instruments. The result is what you hear and should feel.

What is your goal with your sounds?
I don't expect everyone to enjoy my art, because it is not for everyone. To the ones that understand and see the beauty, darkness, knowlegde, bliss, comfort, strength and power within, I can say I have been successful in my communication. My only hope is that others will listen to the sounds with an open mind and maybe this will help evoke the emotions necessary for self realization.

Do you enjoy the ocean? Living near it?
Yes. The ocean, especially during sunset, holds for me, a special interest. It inspires me and is reflective of the eclectic soundscapes I create.

What kinds of nature do you enjoy? And why?
Well, as stated above, I enjoy the ocean. I feel it displays a lot of power, strength, beauty, tranquility and rage. It is the waves that I find most stimulating. It is like timeless enegry as it flows without consistant cycles. I like to stare out into the ocean... it is one of the few things that I find truly relaxing. I also enjoy going for long drives in the country, the sounds of nature, and walking through caves. I think these things are very important for me... I hope one day I will be able to be closer to nature so that I can be more at one with my true self.

Does your sounds represents the elements of nature?

Do you eat meat? What is your favorit?
Yes. Steak & Pork.

What kind of music do you listen to yourself?
Classical, Metal (Black, Doom, Dark, Avantgarde, Expermental Death), Classic Rock, Ethnic Music, New Age, etc...

What did you study in school? Do you have a profession yet?
Psychology. If by profession you mean a job that I get paid to do that I actually enjoy, then no.

Do you believe in Extraterestial Lifeforms? Why yes/no?
No, because ā€™Iā€™ have seen no proof that they exist?

Is there evidence of ET contact here on earth?
Maybe, but I have not seen it myself, so I can't say for sure.

Would you like to space travel if it was possible?

Do you believe in evolution or creation?

Ever went to a shrink? Think it will happen someday?

Do you read literature or comics? Favorit titles?
I used to read comics years ago. These days, I read mostly non-fiction, but some of my favorite fiction writers are Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare, Richard Bach, Guy de Maupassant, Truman Copote among others.

Your favorit Baywatch actor? Why?
Sorry, I don't watch much T.V.

What kind of persons should listen to your sounds?
Anyone who seeks knowledge and a deeper understanding of self.

Last rites?
Thank you for this interview Twan. Keep up the excellent work you are doing with BRUTALISM. And I invite everyone to visit my domain... come experience my world of illusions. Hail and Kill!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Sep 4, 2001

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