Virus likes to play with himself

interview with one man band virus

Virus was born in early 2001. It has only one member, Ian Degrussa. He plays real drums, guitar, bass and vocals. Virus has released one CDR - ’Bottled Babies’. All Virus songs are untitled and have no lyrics. Virus calls it's music style ’hyper-death’ as a variation of goregrind.

interview with Ian on 5-8-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I'm 20 years old, work part-time on a farm. Play deathmetal by myself.

Do you have any musical education?
No I'm self taught.

You are a DIY band. Don't they want you in a band?
I like doing it by myself!

Ever played in a band? On what instrument?
Yes I've played drums in several cover bands.

Explain in a few lines how you write and record the songs?
I jam out a tune on the guitar then first record drums, then guitar, then
vocals all on my computer.

Are the songs improvised?
Yeah pretty much

How much time do you spent on the lyrics?
All Virus songs have no lyrics!

What is your drive to record the songs and unleashed them upon us?
I like jamming out heavy tunes, why not show them to the world?

How many koala's can you stuff into a digeridoo?
Fuck off!

How far can you stuff a digeridoo into a koala?
Hahaha you sicko!

Do you think you can perform with some kind of taperecorder?

Do you want to perform?

Why don't you give the songs a title?
I'm no good at writing lyrics and don't care for gory songtitles

Where do you use the Internet for? Is it easier to make contact?
Yes it's a great way to be involved in the underground.

How far is it swimming to New Zealand?
Fuck NZ!!

Which Virus would you like to spread to the world?
None yet, the new ones will be better.

Do you know any dirty joke you can tell us?
Twan Sibon

Last rites?
Thanks for the intie man
Interviewer: twansibon
Aug 5, 2001

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