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interview with Ron on 21-01-2005

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I am Ron, together with our drummer founder of this band. We both did bands before, but not with the determination as in Vermin. I play guitar and wrote most of the songs, I also do lots of stuff around the band or metal in general...

How does it feel to be the bandleader? A big responsability?
Bandleader is an anagram for 'randdebiel', which is Dutch for total idiot, and I have to agree on that, but it gives me even more pleasure when I see things really happening. Leaving things to do for others is not really my cup of tea, I am patient but I actually have control over things myself and seem to handle it...

What do you expect from your bandmates? What kind of sacrifices do they have to make?
Well, they should put Vermin on top of their priorities, but as we are all humans with lives of our own, we have to make exceptions, but I am pleased the way things are going right now. Dedication to the band is satisfying ....

How much time do you spend on the band? What is your goal to reach?
Almost all my spare time goes in the band, especially now with the album coming out. That also includes preparing video stuff and booking gigs which is our goal, playing as much as possible even touring abroad...

What is your daily profession? Is it easy to combine with a musical life?
I am quite fortunate with this job, i can make arrangements to get extra spare time, of course they come back to me for requests but that’s flexibility.

Do you give musical lessons to others? How fast can you get me as the second Satriani?
I can give you an interpretation of it by the next day haha, but serious, I am only involved in the rehearsing room explaining new stuff to the guys. I am totally not into exploring songs/albums of the 'big guys'. I learn what I think I can use, but that’s more getting a grip onto a certain style.

Besides the 7 sins there are also 7 pleasures. Name them please?
Playing live with the band, recording, checking out new stuff or finding old stuff, most video's, exploring my abilities (pc knowledge – video editing / audio / graphical), watching movies (porn, horror, music) ...

How much time do you spend on practicing your technical skills? Which guitarist made you pick up one too? Why?
I try to get a daily dose of practicing, playing riffs, playing the set,
trying new styles, and for influence well, lets say from a lot of
guitarists I would like to mention: Fredrick Thordendahl, Kerry King, Eddy VanHalen, Angus Young, The Great Kat, Scott Henderson and Zakk Wylde.

Any plans to build a customized guitar yourself?
Plans nope, dreams yes, it would be something I own already, devilish shape, with the best hardware available...

How important are the groupies for you? After all those years do you still remember their names?
Haha, yeah I remember names, but didn’t get to them, haha!

Why did you stopped performing a couple of months? Don't you miss it?
There was a need for a sort of stop, other stuff to do for some bandmembers and it was festival season, but in that period Thomas decided to quit and we where making plans for recording an album, so convenient timing...

Can you remember your first gig? How nervous were you before the show and how afterwards?
With Vermin, there was almost no nerves around, we would do our thing for what we where prepared for, but I seemed to have my nerves going crazy on several gigs (mostly before) with my older band (The Mess Age- r.i.p.).

Men think about sex 365 times a day. What kind of thoughts do you have on stage?
’When will I get 365 times sex on one day?’ and ’should I get some more women for that day?’

When will you be playing the Maryland Death Fest or Fuck The Commerce?
We'll see, release the album first, than we’ll stand a chance to make it there.

Would it be easy for the band to perform in other countries? Any favorite?
Well, being internationally orientated, that wouldn`t be a problem, we know our languages and for faves?, Well Europe in general (Portugal, Spain, Poland, Czech Rep. Germany, France) but the States, yeah, and South America...

Peeling a banana refers to....?
Apes and some other thingy...

If Vermin was a rollercoaster how would it be?
Going up - fast - going down - a lot slower, but exciting overall...

What is your favorite kind of weather? Why?
Rain, storm, I can concentrate more on my music.

Is the internet a good way of promoting Vermin? Do you miss the tape/flyer trading?
Internet is very good for us, for any band for that matter when they use it well, its keeping stuff up to date all the time. Missing the old days, well, I'm used to the way it works now, it had its charms though, but man what a waste of time not having the today’s technology...

What is the biggest change in the UG for the last 10 years?
The internet, definitely!

Any interesting thought to share?
Check our site on the latest news, especially now when the CD is coming out. We are btw still looking for a label / distribution, that can get us way further in terms of touring and spreading our music(distribution!).

Last rites?
Don’t take your time thinking it will come tomorrow, it won’t, work for it.
Interviewer: twansibon
Jan 21, 2005

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