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Veneral Disease was formed in early 1994 by Stefan, Ingo and Torsten. For all of them it was a very new experience to play music but one thing was completely set: The kind of music should be Death Metal.. And so Timo joined the band 1994 as a Vocalist. After countless hours of practising the decision was made to get a second guitarist. Alex got into the band in Summer 1994 and completed the first Line-up. The first Gigs followed autumn 1994 and spring 1995 and also the first positive reactions. Alex left the band in summer 1995. The rest of the line-up decided to record the first demo-tape in Winter 1995, which was entitled “Premature Enslavement“ and sold over 300 copies. After the recording session Mahoney jumped in to fill up the position of the second guitarist. A lot more gigs followed with Krabathor, Orth and Dead Infection. As a consequence of musical diffrences Mahoney was kicked out and was replaced by Jürgen. Meanwhile Veneral Disease earned more and more positive reactions. In summer 1996 the band recorded their second Demo-tape “ A life in Hate“ which is sold out. Jürgen left the band after the recording sessions. The rest of the band decided to go on without a second guitarist and recorded the third Demo-tape “Wrathfate“ in Summer 1997. More gigs followed with Malevolent Creation, Master, Tankard, Nocte Obducta and a lot more. In Summer 1999 the first Debut Album was recorded which is entitled “VERDICTS“. In Autumn 1999 Alex rejoined the band and completed the actual Line –up.

interview with Alex the second guitarist on 22-5-2001

Give us a short introduction of yourself and your part in the band?
I am the ’second’ guitarist in the band. I would only say so because Stefan the ’first’ guitarist plays most of the solos. Stefan and me combine our riffs to create a song. So every song is a production of the whole band.

Why did you left the band and returned later?
There were some private troubles as it is always called. But later my ’new’ band came to an end and the relationship to the guys of Veneral Disease has become better and better. Additionally I saw a future for that band and it was a challange for me to play the guitar in that band at that technical level.

Is it not difficult to rejoin?
For me it wasn't difficult because before I rejoined the band I had passed most of my leisure time with the guys of Veneral Disease especially at the weekends. So the foundation was recreated.

Especially when the CD is released and you are only on the thankslist?
That hasn't been a problem for me at any time because at the recording time I wasn't a member of the band so it is o.k. for me.

Is Verdicts is complete self financed CD?
Yes, it is.

Was no label interested?
Unfortunately we haven't found a label yet. We don't know why !?! But we gonna try again with the next album. And this time I am not only added to the thanxlist...

Are you active in the underground besides the band?
Not really. All things I do in the underground has to do with our band.

What do you think when you are playing on stage?
Thinking ??? I don't think anything on stage!!! I just feel our smashing music, watch the guys who kick asses and bang my head arround.

What was the stupidish thing you did on stage?
I fell off the stage while we took our equipment on the stage. There was a fucking ’trap’ on the ground....suck it

What about the groupies?
Sometimes there are guys who wanna have a guitar pic from me or just tell me how impressive our music is. But we aren't a gay boy group so we don't wait for underwear on the stage.

What is the most veneral disease you ever got?

What do you do in your spare time?
In the future I gonna study. So there won't be so much leisure time. Additionally I've got a girlfriend for nearly six years and that's work enough.... Of course I listen to other bands on CD or live gigs. I also hang arround drinking and smoking.

Which music style shoud never been invented?
Country music our techno. They are both totally nonsense.

Why do you play in a metal band?
Metal is the only music that fills my mind.

Your last rites?
Metal rules. Remember: We still search for a label !!!
Interviewer: twansibon
May 22, 2001

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