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Vehemence started with Nathan and Scott Wiegand (our old guitarist) back in 1995 (high school days). They were writing shit together in the vein of old Pyogenesis and Cathedral. I met up with those guys my senior year and the first time we actually hung out was at a Suffocation show, during the Pierced From Within tour. We started jamming together and the musical direction changed from atmospheric, to death metal influenced by bands like Carcass and Suffocation. Our first song was “Banished to Infinity”. Me, Nate, and Scott recorded it at this dude Sam’s house on his computer, with a drum machine. Sam later turns out to be a bitch, but I wont get into that. Our first version of “No One Wins” was recorded there too. In 1997, Me and Scott went to a party to check out some bands, and there we heard Mistaken Identity. That was Mark and Andy’s punk band with this other guy Tony Ash. We tripped out because Andy was doing double-bass drumming to punk rock. We could just tell by his style that he was into metal, so after their set, we asked him if he wanted to jam. He said yes, and that’s pretty much the beginnings of the band. In early 1998, we released our first demo tape. That tape totally sucks ass, but we thought it was good at the time. It’s not really the songs that sucked, it’s just we sucked at playing them. We only made 150 demo tapes, sold them to friends and at local shows, but really didn’t get anywhere with it. In November 1999, we were ready to record . We went to Jason Coleman’s home studio called AAA Audio. Well, the CD was done, but we had no money to put it out. Then in January of 2000, Scott (guitars) left the band for his own personal reasons. This was a shock to all of us, but fortunately we got John Chavez as a replacement. Finally in August of 2000, we put out our CD, thanks to a loan from Andy’s dad, “Digger”. From 1998 to 2001, we’ve played some pretty kick ass shows and now our goals are to tour in 2001, promote our CD, “The Thoughts From Which I Hide”, and record and put out another CD by year’s end with Metal Blade Records.

interview with John Chavez on 29-7-2001

Please give a short introduction of yourself?
My name is John Chavez from Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A and I play’ Left Speaker Guitar’ for the Chaotic band Vehemence. I just turned 19 July 27 and I am always listening to Death/Black because it has been a part of my life which I am very interested in being a part of.

Is this the legal version?
Yes this is the Legal version.

How are things going for/with Vehemence? Latest news?
Things are looking very good for our band Vehemence. We are working with Metal Blade Records our label to have our music reach the Millions of people that enjoy Metal. We are very presice when creating our songs by analysing each songs structure from when it is first composed. Everything is account for to reach each songs highest potential as far as extra vocals, overdubs, ’Live’ tricks and change ups. We make music we are really into and that is ear catching for everyone to understand. Expect a release some time around late 2001 early January 2002. The artwork is being done by me/ friends as well as the artist EVIL DAVE. Evil Dave is a well known artist on the Westocaost america for his tattoos and sick artwork he creates. Stage banners will be created by him as well/merchandise such as shirts/shorts. Our album will have a healthy amount of music on it up to 12 tracks. Our 1st disc which is limited to 1000 copies is being repressed with different artwork and multimedia by next year 2002. We look forward to touring Eastcoast U.S.A. and Europe at all costs. Our fans we encourage to come out and mosh pitt for the love of Sick Brutal Chaotic Death Metal we will gladley play for that kind of response if it makes every one happy. We have many ideas for what is to come for Vehemence as far as what we produce and record. We plan to be a long term band that will not go away and will keep every one interested in the song material and our live shows. Expect much from this band because our dirve and heart we have for our music.

Why are you into brutal metal?
Personally I am into this Sick Metal because the intesnisty it brings and the time and creative nice each band puts in to learning how to play there instruments extreme and with skill. This music requires great skill and well throught out ideas for it to be respected. Death Metal and Black Metal are the geners I am into the most such as, Deeds of Flesh, Disavowed, Pyaemia, Suffocation, Mutant, Symbyosis, Anata, Sinister, Skyfire, Opera IX, The Crown, The Haunted, Cradle Of Filth, The Forskaen, A Canarous Quintet, Soilwork, Darkane, Ressurection, Cannibal Corpse, Severe Torture, Lux Occulta, Gorgasm and the great Arch Enemy. Each of these bands have proven go beyond the limits and restrictions that set the standards for the new Millenium 2000.

Any musical prefs when you were younger?
The way I got my skill and my ear for music started with various media from the televsion with programs such as Bevis & Butthead which played deathmetal videos such as Cannibal Corpse ’Staring Trhough The Eyes of The Dead’, Morbid Angel ’Where the Slime Live’, which made me go purchase the content of these bands. I quickly learned this music was not for the weak or the faint hearted throught the explict scriptures in the lyrics and smaples. Live preformances, such as Morbid Angel, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, Cryptopsy, gave me more what to expect from these bands for me to get the grasp of how and what to do when you are in a band. It is very important to listen to what other band members say and go through when trying to be a smarter musican. Bands that have influenced my skills to increase is for the song dstructures I turn to Morbid Angel and 1992's Ressurection. The Florida Death Metal scene has done wonders with all of the bands that have been released from that part of U.S.A. Deeds of Flesh when I got into them in 1997, helped me with some insight how things are run with musical equiment, and touring. The internet brought contacts to light and an easy way to promote a project called Lacereated Malformity I tried to do by myself. It wasn't serious but it was my own self training that brought the way I play now to life. Drilling songs that I have learned by ear with the correct tunnings of the bands such as Cryptopsy and Internal Bleeding. 10 Hours a day when you are young a carefree increased my rythem and speed. I am still a young musican hungry to always upgrade my skill for the benefit of our music.

Are you accepted as a metalhead in your family?
My family have surpassed the stereostypes of me being in a band that will actully go somewhere. It takes determination and knowleldge about the music business to succeed. Death Metal will only pay with the right contract agreement, the right people in your band. The relationship is fine between me and my parental factors. They help out with whatever they can for this job to be at ease and not a waste of time as my future. I am doing college as well, but as a metal head I associate anything and everything with what I do.

How long are you playing guitar? Any musical edu?
I have been playing guitar since July of 1994, since the Sixth Grade. I am self taught, thanks to this video I got called Cannibal Corpse Eats Moscow Alive. CC's 1st unreleased home video which was televived. Rob Barret and Jack's speed picking helped me learn how it was done. All it takes is a good video or good Death Metal musican to show someone how it is done so take note of who you are watching at shows, you can learn a lot.

Can you play more instruments?
Yes, I can play the Violin, Chello, Viola, and that is about it. I would like to get an eletric Chello/Violin, so we dont have to hire someone for extra overdubs on an album. In the future I hope we can use as many intrsuments made of wood to keep the music dynamic.

What is your favorit quote? And from whom?
The desire to create continually is vulgar and betrays jealousy, envy, ambition. If one is something one really does not need to make anything --and one nonetheless does very much. There exists above the ’productive’ man a yet higher species. by Friedrich Nietzsche

How do you behave on stage? Any different when off stage?
On stage we all try and play CD quality and to match what is presented on our album. Samples will help create the theatrical emotions that wil take places within the song. Her Beautiful Eyes with a school girl that ’gets it’. Being theatrical is a goal we are trying to grasp. Seeing a beautiful young school girl on stage would eyecatch for sure (towards all the males). But this is a male dominated genere so I guess it is accepted to have such things presented. We want to try to keep the artwork much more taste ful for the new album and banners.

I personally like to do windmills, ’Sweeping the Floor’ and going nuts with the heavines and rythms of the music. Wireless systems help make getting crazy on stage more possible and more interaction with the crowd. Our singer Nathan does a great job explaining the lyric content through his vocals, and Marks, catch phrase vocall Attack. We hope to hear crowd coroperation from anything to Whore! Cunt! Die!, Her Beautiful Eyes!(, Her Father and Evil Man He wanted to Destory Her, Constantly Fucking her andWarping her Mind)from I Didn't Kill Her. I respect people that go out for there favorite bands and do such things beacause I do it all time as well! It represents the Country or State. If all a crowd can do is stand and watch, and keep using that exuse for insane bands that tour through, that state should not be visited as much. I have not seen that much of that lately, so im content so far. Off stage we are just like fans of music as well too. We wil sign anything people give us , we wil not hide in a tour bus or tour van. We try and interact which as much people that like our material and bands are always welcome to provide there demo’s to me personally. I always return home with something that can be helped out. As a warning, I like demos that come from down to eart people that do not have better syndromes. What I mean by that is, if people are talking shit and saying this and that band sucks, which is simply idiotic to say about the band, I will not give my attention span to tolerate such ignorance. I understand critics though because of there information and backup they have to say what they say and why.

Do you have a girlfriend or pleasurig the female fans?
As far as a woman companion, I like to keep my options open since I am young.

Do you want to raise a family by yourself?
I would like to do what is benefical and affordable so that I don’t dig a hole of debts for myself. A family later on down the line will be fine.

Any interesting social contacts outside the band?
Social contacts we have are Metal Blade staff, varios bands that I like to talk with on the internet such as Pyaemia, Deeds of Flesh, various distros. Deepsend Records and Abyss Records.

What is your favorit curse in spanish?
Vehemenece queire ir de gira a varios paises hispanos para sembrar sus semillas dentro de las bocas femininas de los inocentes!

Translation: Vehemence would like to tour many Spanish nations to spread there seeds to the young female mouths of the innocent.

Why do you want to come to Europe to perform?
We want to come to Europe to vist new soil, and to meet a varity of different people to gain personaly friendship and knowledge. I am very fond of the idea everything can associate through music one likes which can be a tool to start a conversation. I would like to see how the sickos in Europe tolerate our music and the reactions.

Do you think there is a difference between the audiences?
From what I have heard yes there is a big difference, by Mosh Pits and the way people react when they hear certain songs. Media is an important factor for a band to be recgonized in a bigger light and to get great cheers from fans.

Are other people (skinsheads, hardcore, rappers) allowed in your pit?
In our pit anything goes, we are not fond of skinheads, if they come to our shows they would be supporting what they do not believe in. It would not make any sense. All our welcome though to create Mosh Pits, or stage dive.

How often do you shave your legs?
We do not shave our legs because that is gay.

How do you practice to play guitar at high speed?
High speeds from Deicide, Carcass, and my previous band Deprecated from San Diego.

Any interst in sports? Practice something yourself?
Sports, mabey the sport of fucking exotic women? Who can down keg of beer faster?

What kind of channels do you use to promote the band?
Pitt Magazine, Promethian Crusade, S.O.D Mag, Metalfests, Handing out flyers after each show and before. Metal Maniacs, our website, word of mouth. Zines from all over the word and emails.

Why should people listen to Vehemence?
People should listen to Vehemence for the fact of their own Death Metal curiosity. If you like music with a big sound, chaotic drumming/riffing with High and Low vocals with lyrical content that you can actully memorize. Songs that will be stuck in your head, created by a band that will actually write back to you if you sign the folder that we have asking for your contact information, then this is the band for you to be assosiated to.

Last rites?
I would like to give a shot out to the many that help promote our band inYahoo/MIRC Metal Chats.

The letters and compliments written to us by mail Keep Writing! Check are website for many updates and information on our tours/news. Thanks for featuring us on your website!
Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 29, 2001
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