Vaux don't say prayers

interview with Chris on 31-05-2004

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
My name is Chris Sorensen and I play guitar for VAUX. I'm 6'1’ with dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slender body. I have a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. I enjoy slow dancing and long walks on the beach.

To whom are you refering to in your albumtitle?
Aliens from the 80's mini series ’V’. No, we are referencing the work ethic our band has. A couple years back we left to tour the entire summer with only a few shows actually booked so we'd show up at tons of shows and demand to play and we did. Our band has been through a lot, we've worked really hard to get where we're at and thats what the title truly represents.

So what is bringing you in the musicbizz? Recognition or the female groupies?
Hermaphrodite groupies, we are into chicks with dicks. We all love music and we have worked 9-5 jobs and that lifestyle is for mindless elk. So we work really hard to create awesome music and we work hard touring and its pretty fuckin' awesome that we get to do that for a living.

Started in a skateshop, you obvious are inspired by Suicidal Tendencies? Or other bands?
We were all really into hardcore and skateboarding when the band started. People's tastes have changed and everybody is into such different stuff. I think Radiohead and Unbroken are probably the only bands we all collectively like.

What are you fav brands of skateshoes? Got free Vans on the Warped tour?
Joe and Adam are the only ones left who really skate. They skate in all kinds of different shoes. Etnies, Vans, Nikes, whatever pretty much. We get free shoes from Nike, Macbeth, Etnies, and Vans. We know some really rad people at those shoe companies.

What is the main goal for the band? What do you wanna reach?
We have a lot of goals both long term and short term. We'd like to continues to play in Vaux for a living. None of us ever want to go back to a desk job ever again. We want to write, record, and perform music that shakes peoples spines. We want to play at Red Rocks Ampitheater in Colorado. We want people to relate to the messages of our songs. We want to have a trailor that tows a van. We want to see a Great White Shark and a Salt Water Crocodile in a fight.

Do you think you can reach stardom by musicianship or commerciality?
Musicianship and Art for sure. There is a more important meaning to our band and our songs than just what is guaranteed to sell. Our songs aren't filled with whining about girls or neanderthal chugga riffs. We are going to be a band that is around for a long time because we are not in this for a quick buck or euro or pound. We are in this to make music that is intelligent and powerful and hopefully enough people like it so we don't have to work behind a desk at the same time.

You make well-thought-out songs, but why not record spontaneous songs? How perfect do you wanna be?
With 6 people contributing to the songwriting process, it has to be thought out. We are spontaneous as well, we have some new songs that were put together in a matter of hours that turned out really good, but who knows we are perfectionists and they will probably get worked on a bunch more. We want all 6 of us to be happy with each song.

Do you think Snowhite fucks all the seven dwarfs?
Like with a strap on in the ass? or does snowhite let the seven dwarfs fuck her? do dwarfs have dicks? maybe she masterbates and the dwarfs all circle jerk around her. i have no idea. we had a midget stage dive during our set once in Tucson AZ. i'll ask him if he's banged snowhite.

What is the fun and aim to go on stage? What sets you off?
Crowd response. We want the audience to interact as much as possible whether its heckle us or throw things, mosh or stage dive, make out, have sex.. whatever. We just love reaction to our show. When the sound is good on stage and the audience is going nuts, we go crazy and the show is very intense.

Will perform when nobody shows up?
Hell yea, we've done it numerous times, thanks to promoters who don't advertise or the headlining band doesn't have any fans or if it is snowing like crazy. We love to play and would rather play to 5 kids who go nuts rather than 200 who just stand there.

Do you say a prayer before and after the show?
Hell no.

Is Greg a son of Jack?
Yea totally, we get tons of free whiskey. Greg's dad has the sweetest moustache in all the land.

Any plans for the future?
We just finished recording our new EP ’Plague Music’ and we are getting ready to start writing and recording a new album. Then we tour and tour and tour.

Last rites?
Stay Metal.
Interviewer: twansibon
May 31, 2004

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