The relation between Ratzinger and a pope

Who are Ratzinger? Tell us more about the band. Where are you from, how did you get together and why you choose this name?
Ratzinger is a Chilean Metal band that was born in 2005. In this 6 years the band had released 2 full albums called "State Enemy" and "2012", also in this period of time we've shared stage with some big name such as Rob Halford (Judas Priest, Fight, Halford) Skid Row, Korplikanni and we released an European tour around 2007 performing on some cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Wroclaw, Katowice.

The name of the band is related to an irony about the Pope Joseph Ratzinger, the one that when he was elected Pope, he said that he was going to fig against Rock Music because he thought that it was bad influence for the youth population, so we said, what does he think he is? We are going to be called RATZNGER.

What's the message of your music, what do you want to reach in your fans hearts?
Our music on lyrics side, pretend to deliver some defined concepts. Out first album talks about the attacks of the Twin Towers on Sept, 11, 2001 and our just released second album talks about the end of the world based on the mayan calendar… We like to talk about things that are happening and trying to get a reaction from the people about this things… a little example would be something like: How are we treating our planet? it would be that the why the planet is doing what is doing in response to all of that… with all the earthquakes, Tsunamis and tornados…..

What inspires you to be what you are and to move on?
There is an universal energy that is telling us: we can do things and we can leave a trace in history, no doubt at the same moment when you are writing a song and then release it to the public you are leaving your trace for the future of the state of art that is the so called "Rock", wich it has an unique energy that feed you to go forward and improve and leave your own mark in time.

Are you interested in occult sciences?
That is not something we are interested in right at this moment, the occultism we believe it don't belong to our lines, but if we make a conection to the Ufology or any other old culture such as the Sumarians for example, i believe that may be a connection with some ancient gods like Anunnakis, very interesting if it is fixed that way.

Your first project is called "Under Attack" and is dedicated to the tragedy of September 11th. We can see the events of this day in your official CD from 2007 "State Enemy". What do you think really happened on 9/11 and who is to blame?
Many people comments about that it was their own American conspiracy but we believe that is was just a Cruel act of terrorism made by a coward because many innocent people died that day. If that attack was done over a military base maybe they would have something there... but go after innocent people is just inhuman. In the other hand, we do not want to be part of the opinion because in the end we also believe that there is people that supports the Taliban, so our mission here is just show you the facts through a music album and let them get to their own conclusions.

Your latest music project is called "2012". Tell us more about it.
Is an Thrash Metal album with a lot of groove, it has 10 original songs and a bonus track + 5 industrial remixes. Is an album with many different flavors and colors that if we need to name a band to sound like we would say Machine Head, Corrosion Of Conformity going through Cavalera Conspiracy. The album includes an very emotive ballad as well.

There's Jesus on the cross on the album art, but it has the head of an alien and the wings of an angel. Do you think we will meet finally alien civilization and this is what will happen in 2012? What you really think about this year?
Absolutely yes! And we hope that will be like that, we think that it is time to know what is the real purpose of the humanity.

What should fans expect from Ratzinger in 2011?
The anniversary number 6 of the State Of Enemy album, with a coming back show with Balaclava helmets, because that gave us a lot of marketing image back then in 2006 when we released the first album. We had a great show in front of 2000 people with a huge sign on the wall behind where you could see the cover image of the album, almost seeing the plane crashing into the building. I wish that you were there, it was amazing!

What do you dream of?
Perform our show in ROCK IN RIO, that would be an awesome dream!

Is it easy to be a metal band in your country?
Nothing is that easy, everywhere is too difficult, how to manage in between your work time, your family and also being a musician is very complex. You need a lot of time and work to get your band to a professional level + all the resources that you can come up with for it... the whole global situation is not the best one, illegal downloads, piracy is everywhere, so being on the spotlight as a musician it has become very difficult for any one, and being in Chile is a lot harder because the fact we are far away from everyone else.

Future plans?
Be able to perform our show on important international stages, write new material and hope to release more video clips.

Wish something to your fans.
Add us up on our Facebook page so we can be in touch. We would like to know more about all of you and we hope to find a label so we can get our music distributed overthere as well. Goodbye and hope the best for you!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Jun 9, 2011

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