The primitive and obscure metal of Ravencult

What I like about Hellheadbangers Records is you always find new brutal diamonds in the rough. Toxic Halocaust also got their start on Hells Headbangers before signing to Relapse. Another band that's on Hells Headbangers worth checking out is Greece's Ravencult. Greece been known to produce and breed great bands like Rotting Christ, Speticflesh and Burial Horde. Recently released their current effort "Morbid Blood" Ravencult set themselves apart from their comtemparies by playing primitive brutal black in the vein of Destroyer 666. Let's check out my interview with Stef.

Greeting brother how things been going for you so far?
Greetings to you, things go fine.

I'm listening to your album “Morbid Blood” you guys are not fucking around on this album at all?
No, we never fuck around when it comes to the music.

Can you give the readers a brief history of the band and how long the band been together?

Here’s our bio: Spawned in existence during 2001 to revive the relentless side of Black Metal, RAVENCULT brings forth an unpolished, organic sound to manifest their morbid darkness. After a series of demo/7"releases, debut album "Temples Of Torment" (2007, on Dark Essence, Nor.) crawled out of the shadows conjuring the deafening sound of Black Metal primitivism. With praising feedback on their debut, RAVENCULT marched twice in Europe embarking on tour with Setherial/Corpus Christii and Krisiun/Rotting Christ respectively. The circle of ungodliness marks its return with their sophomore abomination, entitled "Morbid Blood"; a full length beast summoning the uncanny Black/Thrash damnation, and glorifying the mentality of old, out on Hells Headbangers Records March 2011. RAVENCULT has appeared in several european festivals such as Festung/UMM Open Air (GER), Inferno Metal Festival (NOR), Sathanas In Gloriam (HOL), Under The Black Sun (GER), and has shared the stage with the forces of Aura Noir, Inquisition, Impiety, Mayhem, Varathron, Behemoth, Zemial, Carpathian Forest, Rotting Christ, Watain, Arcturus, Satyricon etc.

Tell the about the readers about your album "Morbid Blood". How long was the recording process and where this nasty masterpiece recorded at?
The recordings were done in 3 days, we recorded live in our rehearsal place and then mixed and mastered it. We had been rehearsing the tracks for a long time so when we decided to record, we just played the songs multiple times and kept the most violent versions. That is because we wanted to do it the old way and be as honest and real as possible.

Like to know about the greek metal scene seem like the bands down in the balkans like their metal nasty and ugly?

Depends on the band, modern sound has dominated the whole scene but at least there are still bands fighting for the primitive, obscure metal. Always a minority, but a lot of inspiration and quality lies behind a small number of underground artists. I don’t know much about the Balkans, in Greece there are quite a few examples like Goatvomit, Omega, Burial Hordes, Nadiwrath, Abyssgale not to mention the old guard with Varathron, Zemial, Necromantia etc.

Your sound kinda reminds me of old destroyer 666 in some ways what were the bands influences?

Destroyer 666 is killer, true metal maniacs. Our influences come from first and second generation of Black Metal, also some sinister thrash metal.

What bands the Ravencult like relaxing to when you not destroying orthodox churches?

Pleasures of the flesh & indulging in the infernal sounds of Metal.

The band has some touring experience as an support act for Krisun, Setherial, and Rotting Christ how much of a learning experience it been for the band?
Touring feels great for us, we like the road and think it’s worth all the occasional fuck-ups and difficulties. Of course we got a lot of experience out of it, plus it’s a way to spread the gospel of the macabre.

Ravencult is also slated to play some festivals too looks like you guys have a full plate this summer?
No summer dates this year, touring and gigs we’ll start from September.

How would you describe your relationship with Hells Headbangers so far?
Excellent, these guys are totally pro and into the real, raw metal sound. Signing with them was our priority since we left our previous label, Norwegian Dark Essence Recs.

Is there a chance of you guys doing some shows in the US?
Hopefully we’ll play in the US this year, HHR being American is helpful. Crossing the Atlantic has been our wish for a long time.

Of all of your labelmates which band on Hells Headbanger got your attention?
That’s easy, there are so many great bands in HHR’s roster like Zemial, Nunslaughter, Inquisition, Trench Hell, the mighty Profanatica, Witchtrap, Black Witchery, Deathammer and I know Midnight was signed too, so there you have it. All HHR bands are harsh and UGLY so they have my respect.

What are ravencult plans for 2011?
Glorification of the sinister sound, touring, a couple of new stuff like “Deifier Of Necromancy” Split 7”EP with Omega (Gre) on Evil Spell/Undercover Rec, the “Temple Of Morbidity” rehearsal + unreleased tracks MC on Mayhemic Slaughter Rec and a 10 years anniversary vinyl EP with new tracks. Appreciate your support. THE PRIMITIVE SOUND RETURNS! Write to: RAVENCULT, PO BOX 3747, ATHENS 10210, GREECE.
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
May 15, 2011
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