The perfect line up for Trident

The dawn of Trident begun when Johan Norman (Soul Reaper, Dissection) who had been away from the scene for a few years started to sense a strong urge to get back in to it. The riffs, ideas and musical arrangements in his blackened mind had grown way to powerful to be thrown into oblivion. The true Death/Black fans all over the world just had to be part of this outburst from below. During summer of 2007 he ran into Alexander Friberg (Necrophobic, Karneywar), a highly skilled bass player who just had left his former band, at a local pub in Gothenburg. Realizing they had the same ideas when it came to music making and philosophy in general they decided to make something out of this together. So let's have a chat with Alex about the band and its debut.

Hello Alex how you doing this evening?
I’m doing great thanks.

Congrats on getting your debut CD released on Regain. I heard the promo; the CD is very impressive far as musicianship goes. Were there any other labels besides Regain that were interested in Trident?
Thank you, yes there were some other labels interested but went with the label that was right for us. We have a personal contact with that label and he is a great friend and support. He’s doing a massive work on Regain and without him I don’t think that we had picked them, but on the other hand they where very eager to sign us, he he.

How long the band been together and can you give the readers a brief story on the band's formation?
It all started out when I first met Johan in a local bar in Gothenburg, we started to talk death metal and during this conversion we thought that we would start a new project. This was in fall of 2007.

Even though, none of all we tried out was capable of playing what we wanted so the process was quite long. It started to fall into place when we found the drummer Jonas and Johan could start to really write the music that he is good at, when we now had a drummer who could manage this. Later on Mike Hellmaker joined Trident and Tobias of Necrophobic. This line-up was fine for a while but changes had to be made. Mike who had his mind in another place was removed and to take his place we chose Ewo.

This is the line-up today and it works very well between us. 
From what I read in the bio you put together a pretty group of good talent. How long you been friends with your bandmates?
More or less yeah, me and Johan wanted to have very good musicians in this band. To able to perform in the way we want. But of course we didn’t took “Åke” from the street just because he is good on drums or whatever, we had a long session with all the guys so it would not be any doubt that they would fit. And now they are all very close friends of mine. You could say, a perfect line-up for this band.

When you put Trident together, how you know that these would fit the critera you was looking for in a band member?
As I said before, we had a long session with all the guys, and they are all fucking insane dudes and I love them all.

When Dissection reformed did Jon ever approach Johan about rejoining the band?
No he did not.

Tell the readers about "World Destruction" and how did the recording process take?
"World Destruction" is the debut album of Trident, this album is our way of putting a death metal album on the map that we ourselves want to listen to, the kind of death metal that we thinks is right.

We recorded it in 3 different stages. First we did the drumming in Gothenburg (Storan Studio) Then we did the guitars and bass guitar in Varberg (Sonic Train Studio) and last we did the vocals in Stockholm in Entombed's  studio. So it was a rather long process but quite smooth anyway, today’s technology allows band to split it all up and not have to it all in ones, very simple to just send the files between us.

I know you like all the songs on the album; which tracks on the CD stick out to you the most?
For me the song that sticks out the most is “Blackened Soul” it is my musical contribution to this album and it’s a special song for me, I was in a dark place when I wrote it.

When was most of the material for the album was written and ready for rehearsal and recording?
All the material was made and ready to be recorded same year we made the album. Rehearsal is something that goes on all the time. Some of the songs Johan had already made when we started this project and the rest has he made during time up till recording.

Johan and Tobias wrote most of the material for the album?
Johan write 90% of the music and Ewo put he’s touch on it with solos and harmonies. Regarding the lyrics it is me and Tobias who are writing them. Sometime will do separate songs and sometimes together.

When is the expected American release date for "World Destruction"?
I don’t know yet, there will be a US release but we don’t know when. All that kind of information can you find on our websites: or

Is the band planning to do a US tour in the near future?
We have no plans for that at the moment but as soon as we get the opportunity we will for sure tour the states!

Got any festival appearances scheduled after the release of "World Destruction"?
Yes we have some. The ones I can say already is, Stockholm Metal Walborg (SWE) 29th of April. Dokkem Open Air (NL) 12th of June. Eindhoven Metal Meeting (NL) 18th of dec. I can assure you that many more shows will come, but that’s the ones for now.

Well I'd like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Anything you would like to add?
Thank you for this interview.

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Up the Trident! 666
/Alex Impaler
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Mar 31, 2010

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