The Nosebleed Connection is open to changes

Please give us a short introduction of yourself to start this interview with?
Hi we are the Nosebleed Connection, we formed in 2001 and we are currently promoting our third album “Nosebleeders”.

Each musician has an idol for the influence. Who was your I-wanna-be-like-this-star? And try to explain what made him/her your idol?
In our opinion, having an idol means to feel yourself as inferior to someone or something, that’s why we can’t say we have got an “idol” but just bands we grew up with and we are inspired by.

In the album review you are typed as hardcore crossover. Do you agree and what is the charm of playing this kind of music?
The music we play nowadays is a mix of hardcore and metal (“crossover”, as it used to be called during the 90’s) but we are a band open to changes, so we’ll see what happens..

On the album cover we see faces of people, some known some unknown. Mostly criminals to society, but where is Berlusconi? And why Mike Tyson?
On the album cover there are all people that can be defined as “nosebleeders” for making other people bleed (one way or another..), and some of them even inspired our songs (as James Warren Jones did in the song “Jonestown”). Berlusconi appears on the limited edition digipack’s cover: how could it be complete without the “king of Bunga Bunga”?

Hardcore bands are making social statements in the lyrics? What are the major mistakes society make these days? And what do you do to make it better?
I think 90% of the hardcore bands feel they have to deal with some specific topics in their lycris. According to me, we all should keep in mind that money isn’t more important than other things in life: I know it could sound banal, but sometimes true things do sound banal.

When playing live, do you want the audience to have a good time or do you also try to make them aware of the bullshit society these days?
One of the biggest advantages of being on a stage is the opportunity to send a message to the audience: we strongly believe communication is fundamental for people who make music, not only musical communication, but every kind of.

Can you recall what the best live show was that you did? Why was it the most notorious one and are there any spectaculaire stories of the after show?
I remember when we played in a squat in Turin, we became friends with the members of a local hardcore band called “Killjoy”. The gig was great, don’t ask me to enter into details about what happened after the gig... but we really had fun that night.

As playing in a band doesn't pay the bills, what are doing outside the music industry?
I wish I could pay the bills by playing in a band. Of course we all have a job to make out a living, but what we do is far from the music scene.

Tell us your solution for the world crisis we are all in? Don't say printing more money but THE solution.
If I had the solution I wouldn’t stand idly by!

I am going to Italy in the summer. Recomment some food I should try?
Have some Carbonara in Rome, some Chianina in Florence and an Amarone fo Valpolicella in Verona.

Which stories will you tell your grandkids one day?
I would tell them about the great experience I had playing in a band I’ve always been proud of and I would try to teach them how much important determination is if you are keen on something or if you have a dream.

Anything else you want to share that we should know?
We’re always looking for tour dates! A word to the wise...