The negative and apocalyptic message of Hate

interview with death metal band hate from poland

While their brethren Behemoth and Vader had many opportunities to tour the States. Hate was left on the sidelines begrudgely waiting their turn. Which came in 2012. I seen the band myself opened up for Rotting Christ and Mayhem. Due to lack of distribution in the USA the band left Listenable Records and went to Napalm Records. I recently caught with ATF Sinner about the new album and label.

Congrats on getting signed to Napalm Records!

When did the band get hooked up with Napalm?
The label approached us right after we had left Listenable Records more than half a year ago. We got a few more offers, but Napalm’s was the most serious so we decided to sign with them.

What were some of the factors involved when the finally made the decision to get on board?
First of all, we wanted to make progress, so we had to part ways with French-based label Listenable Records after a few years of relatively good collaboration. Listenable is a good label but it has almost no distribution outside Europe. And even in Europe it was hard to find our records in stores. Besides the label had their priorities and we were never one of them. Now we are on a bigger label that fully supports our actions. I think it’s a great opportunity for us now to push the Hate Machine forward more effectively!

Hate will be releasing "Solorflesh" in May of 2013. I been listening to the album three times already, the intro is dope as fuck!
Thanks. I wanted it to be an industrial-like song with a female vocal in the background. I asked a friend of mine Androniki Skoula (Greek singer known for her involvement in Chaostar, Rotting Christ, Septicflesh) if she would take part in our record and she agreed willingly. I think she did a great job in two songs (Watchful Eye of Doom and Mesmerized) adding some Hellenic atmosphere to them. Talking about the whole album, I think we have never been closer to black metal than now. Moreover, “Solarflesh” sounds very organic and raw comparing to our previous records. The guitars sound is almost vociferous and the album has a very “dense” atmosphere with lots of samples and additional vocals in the background. You can hear things like choirs, female vocals, traditional instruments etc. It’s all new to our style.

When did the band go in the studio to start the recording process for "Solarflesh"?
We entered the studio in July 2012. This time we didn’t want to follow a routine; we wanted to refresh our sound, re-new the formula, so we decided on Sound Division Studio in Warsaw, which does not have a big portfolio but has a great potential. We were working with Filip “Heinrich” Hałucha (Decapitated, Vesania) and also partly with Arek “Malta” Malczewski (Behemoth’s soundguy) who both approached the production with many fresh ideas. We spent well over a month at Sound Division and then continued with Wieslawski brothers at Hertz Studio in Bialystok for mixing and mastering of the music.

What's main theme behind the album and who came up with the idea naming the album "Solarflesh"?
“Solarflesh” means literally “body made of light”. It suggests that all life comes from the process that is started by Sunlight. “Radiant divinity” is the Sun which is the source of energy which started the development of life. But as with all natural elements, sunlight can be creative and destructive as well. This energy always goes in two directions. „Solarflesh“ is not a concept album in strict sense, but it has some main themes that appear in most songs. I think it’s the darkest and most insane record we have ever done. It’s hard to separate the lyrical content and graphic design. They are connected in many points. We worked on it with Daniel Rusiłowicz (graphic designer and occultist) with whom I talked a lot about the music, my inspirations, the message we wanted to get across etc. Daniel listened to my tracks as a demo (in March this year) and he clearly understood that this album would be something much darker and more serious than anything we had done before. He suggested that there should be a suicide act on the front cover and that idea seemed to match the whole concept well. We took pictures of a thin and tall female model. She is stabbing herself below the ribs on her left side. Her right hand is showing the “savior gesture”. Above her head you can see the sun eclipse. The picture is meaningful. It holds a lot more symbols than you can notice at first sight. Also the whole layout is carefully designed with all symbols having their magical meanings. Even colors are there for a reason. The songs hold a rather negative, apocalyptic message… Most of them are about enslavement, suffering and suicide. In today’s world, we like to think that we are free having full control over our lives. It’s nothing but illusion. Most people live like enslaved scum (even in democratic societies) – enslaved in every meaning of the word, physical, mental, spiritual etc. You are slaves to the system you grow up in, religion, false convictions, other people who think for you, make decisions for you, etc. Enslavement is one of the main themes on the new album.

The band toured the States three times last year. You guys ended up on some pretty damn good tour packages?
That’s true. We had an opportunity to tour with Sepultura, Mayhem, Rotting Christ, Belphegor and others. It was a great experience and a big lesson for us too. I’m pretty sure we will come back to the States next year. We have lots of supporters and friends there.

I saw the band with Mayhem at Trees in Dallas, Texas. Destroyer ended up doing the vocals. Did you manage to do the vocals before the tour ended?
Oh yes. It was this very gig when I lost my voice and we decided that Destroyer would replace me on this one occasion. We just did not want to cancel this show, especially that he is an experienced vocalist himself in another band and he knew most of the lyrics by heart.

How much you and your bandmates enjoyed the experience of touring the States?
The US music market is not easy for bands from Europe, so we are glad that we managed to get some serious recognition in America and we’ve got to know so many people who truly dig what we do. I can’t wait to return there.

What are some of things the band did while in the States? You guys went to any historical sites or landmarks?
We saw the Ground Zero in NY, and all the main landmarks of the city. We’ve been to some historical places in New Orleans, Hollywood, Florida etc. While on tour, you are always extremely busy, but we were curious to see as much as possible in America. It was a great feeling to play shows in those cultish venues where Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin or Guns’n Roses had played before.

How much each band member contributed to album far as writing the music and lyrics?
Most of the songs were written by myself and Hexen with all the lyrics done by myself. Destroyer was responsible for solo parts and his track “Endless Purity”. When it comes to arranging music it was a collective work of all of us.

I feel that this album will end all of the Behemoth comparisons once and for all?
You’re an optimist! People will always compare bands with one another. However I think we have explored some new areas on this record. There are definitely some compositions on “Solarflesh” that cannot be associated with any other Polish band. I think we redefined our style quite much.

Have you been in contact with Nergal since he won his battle with cancer?
Oh, yes. We have met a few times, and he looks in good shape both physically and mentally. He went through real hell, and it’s great to see him and Behemoth back.

When the band planning to tour the States in support of "Solarflesh"?
We are planning to come to the States in Summer 2013. Now we’re talking with some booking agencies.

Thank you for taking the out of your busy schedule is anything you like to add?
Thanks very much for this interview. I would like to send big hello to your readers. Rest in HATE!
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Dec 23, 2012

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