The misfits of Devils Whorehouse

Devils Whorehouse was formed by Morgan of Marduk together with two local musicians in January 2000. Starting out as a death/horror rock band but mainly playing Misfits/Samhain covers and after just two rehearsals the band started to do material in the same vein but with a darker more extreme approach. Inspired by human/unhuman beasts, execution grounds, cemeteries, carnage and the glorification of the imminent approach of death. Now it is time to talk to Morgan about the band, the album and touring.

Hello how's it going so far? I got your CD, it rocks.
Its going just fine. Glad that you enjoyed the latest album! Highly appreciated!

I'm not really familar with Devils Whorehouse, would you please tell the readers how this band came to friutation.
We started out during the year 2000 with the intention to play dark, heavy music singing hymns to death and praising human/unhuman beasts! So far we done 2 full lenghts and some EPs and more are to come!

The band played a festival in Mexico last, was this the band first time playing live? And how did the Mexican audience responded to Devils Whorehouse?
Mexican audience are among the best in the world, hungry and always ready to shed blood! always enjoys to play there!

Is the band planning on doing any tours in the US and Europe?
Right now we are not planning any tour. We are all occupied out on the roads with other bands. The time we have we spend on putting together the next full length album. But when the right option comes around we will for sure be out on the roads. So stay tuned!!

I haven't heard any mMisfits albums but there have people saying there's some similarities...
For sure there areĀ  a lot of similaries.

In my opinion I feel that the singer has much better range than Glenn Danzig.
You think so? That's very flattering. Danzig is a unique vocalist.

I know that you toured with Danzig before as a member of Marduk. Has Glen heard any of the bands material?
He has and appreciates what we do. We will for sure tour together later on again. Just wait and see..

When you first formed the band you expected to be compared to the Misfits?
Ha, ha... yes we did excpect that!!!

What are your favorite tracks on this album. I like "Werewolf Nation" alot.
"Werewolf Nation" is probally one of my fave songs as well. Works very well with the marchlike rhythm and the lyric works as an evocation to the iron youth to rise up and release the fury!!!

What are the bands plans for the time being?
The time we have are being spent putting together material for the 3rd full lenght album, and after that maybe going out touring.

I like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Anything else you like to say to the fans?
Check out our latest album and join the Werewolf crusade!
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Mar 12, 2010

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