The meaning of Vomepotro

interview with Cristiano, November 2005

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Ok!!!! Let's see I begun to hear metal bands with twelve years old, bands like Slayer, Metalica, Megadeth, Sepultura and many more change my musical style, my brother Kleber too, he were a boy with eight years old that like me heard metal, we begin to play guitar and thirteen years later we’re here, I have good memories from the past!!!!!

Introduce your fellow butchers and their crimes?
Well, I believe that with Mauro & André happened like us, we're good friendsthey begun to play to play in the adolescence, hearing much metal and Vomepotro is a consequence of this shit!!!!

Why an unreadable logo?
I don't know but we like from Vomepotro logo, I think that other bands have your logo more unreadable.

How did you evolve in musical skills? Pratice a lot?
It's hard to say because I begun to hear metal and play guitar too, Kerry King and James Hetfield are my most influences but be in a death metal band was my purposesince the beginning!!! When I knew the death metal for the first time my mind was smashed with that brutality, this is my musical style and i'm looking for to play each day better.

Never thought of being a soccerplayer? They make a lot more money...
Oh yeah!!! The football is very popular here, all boys have this dream but I don't play football, like you said they make a lot more money, but I'm unskillful...ah ah ah ah!!!!!

Why was Vomepotro born? What was it that decided to start a band?
Vomepotro was born all in the band want play and I think be a natural process when you play one instrument, I found the right guys, so... it's nice to be in the band!!! Vomepotro was created by Mauro, André more the ex-members Coelho & Pulga in 1996.

What the fuck does Vomepotro means?
This was born from Ricardo Pulga, (the first Vomepotro guitar player) the ‘’vome’’ word comes from ‘’vomit’’ and ‘’potro’’ word can be putrid, is a different name created for us and you can say that Vomepotro is a putrid vomit, I'm sure that it express their musics and gore lyrics!!!!

Why is extreme metal so populair in Brazil? For lyrical subjects no problem?
Well, I think that the violence in the streets, corruption and another many problems are the most influence to play a brutal music and expose all our hate, we have many black metal and thrash metal bands here too, about the lyrical subjects, the government doesn't matter with us, they are afraid to extort your money only!!!!

How corrupt is Brazilian society? And why are so many old nazis hidding in South America?
Like I said earlier... the corruption is destroying Brazil, i’m sad and have shame from our president, he’s a bastard!!!!! Here is a worderful country to live and think that many old nazis are looking for rest, our police is the sucks too, so... everything contributes to this fatality, this guys must to pay for your crimes!!!!!

Do you think being in a band could change your life? In what way?
This complicated because everything we want is can to release good albuns, I don't want to be a rockstar, for me is nice to play in Vomepotro, the recognition is a consequence of a good work but I don't know.... we would like to play in countries to learn about another cultures, I'm happy with this moment in the band and is everything that i think now.

Ever wanna play in Europe? Think it could happen with the German label?
Oh yeah!!!! To be in Europe is a dream but the German label have their limitations but to be supported to make a tour will be nice!!! They are a new and you think that is need cash for this, so...let's see.

What can we expect from your debut? Would it differ from the ’List Of The Dead’ demo?
About the album it will be called ‘’Zombie Gore Vomit’’ with 9 tracks, like I said earlier, with hope a good publishing, it need to open doors outside Brazil, with many work the album will have the three ‘’List Of The Dead’’ songs too and the production is better, it's more brutal, insane, intense... expect!!!!!!

Drink brazilian or import beer?
I liked from this question!!! We drink Brazilian beer but the import beer is very popular here and so tasty too!!!!

What Brazilian sentence can I say to upset my mother?
Ah ah ah ah ah!!!!! Well, if you upset your mother, you will be punished, our judiciary system is so slow that you will have your freedom during one or two years!!!! But one day they are going put you in the chain!!!!!

Lyrically your sing about gore and perversion. No interest in philosophical themes?
No, no.... I and Vomepotro guys are perverted, ah ah ah!!!!! This is music only, we cannot change the world with our music, we like horror movies and is funny to tell about to rip cuts, eat flesh and gore tales, the reality is so violent that prefer to escape her when the de-compose!!!!! About philosophical themes...we don't care, I prefer the guts!!!!

I am glad you add guitarleads in the songs. Why are most of the band nowadays deleting them?
Thanks for your words man!!!! We're happy to know that you liked from our guitar leads, my brother Kleber is dedicated , for us leads are so important like each riff, many bands prefer to make riff, riff & more riffs and forget that a good guitar lead can make the difference, we have incredible bands like Deeds Of Flesh, Disgorge, (USA), Skinless, Severe Torture and there is no leads in their songs, it's hard to say... is my point of view...

Last rites?
First of all, I would like to thank you Twan and all in BRUTALISM supporters for believing in Vomepotro and giving us this oportunity, all crazy death metal fans can write in our adress, it's nice to have many friends, our ‘’Zombie Gore Vomit’’ debut cd will be release in the beginning of the new year, bang your fucking head, support your local scene!!!!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Nov 10, 2005

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