The horror movie inspiration of Facebreaker

Hello Facebreaker, hows it going? Please introduce yourselves for the readers and how are things today in the Facebreaker camp?
Facebreaker is doing really well these days. New record out and the touring should start soon.
Btw I am Mika Lagreen of Facebreaker and I play the lead guitar.

"Infected" came out in January, how was this album received? Has it been a good year for you guys?
Well the album was actually released on the 29th of october in Europe in the year of 2010 and on the 9th of November in North America and Canada. So I don´t know where you get your info from.
We have been working on the album release since january if that was what you mean.
The album reviews has been really great though. We have recieved many great reviews and there has not been a single bad one that I can remember yet.

You chose to work with Jonas kjellgren at Black Lounge Studios and the Legendary, Peter Tagtgren at Abyss Studios. How was that for you guys and what role did each respective producer play in the recording of "Infected"?
Well Jonas is our main guy that we always use in the studio. Peter came in as a bonus since he had nothing to do. And of course he wanted to be a part of this new crushing Facebreaker album as well.

Facebreaker signed with Cyclone Empire records at the end of 2009, how has that been for the band and have they worked hard for you guys?
They have been great to us and I know that they work really hard on promoting us as hell.

Facebreaker has played Party San and Full Force festivals, in 2008 and 2009 respectively, How was that for the band and did it open alot of doors for you?
I don´t know if it opened any new doors but we had a lot of fun during those festivals.

Will you guys be playing any festivals in support of this release?
Yeah we will since we have just signed a deal with PCB (Blast Corpse Promotions).
We have already started to book gigs around Europe.

Where can fans go check you out in support of "Infected"?
Don't know any dates yet.
But we will get out there soon!!!

What was the influences for "Infected" and did anything really inspire you for the lyrics?
The inspiration came as always from horror movies and stuff like that.

Tell me a little about the cover artwork, what were its influences and who did the piece?
It was Mick Kenney that did this cover as well. He has been involved with all of the Facebreaker albums makeing the layout and cover art.
We just wanted something that represented "Infected" and I think that he did a great job.

Can we expect any touring in 2011? Who is the craziest in Facebreaker on the road? Any crazy road stories? dont worry we wont tell hahah!!
There are always some really crazy shit going on during tours. But I cant tell you anything special be cause some people might not want that this shit comes out in public.
When you travel around in a buss there is always something stupid going on so I will leave it there and let your imagination do the rest.

With a new year ahead, whats Facebreaker's plans? Perhaps a new album?
We are makeing new songs for the next album right and we rehearse a lot so that will be ready when we get out on some crazy tour.

Thanks for taking the time to answer guys, all the best for 2011 but before we go, any thing to say to the fans? Any last rites?
Don't stop supporting death metal.
If you do... I will come and kill you!!!
Interviewer: Connor
Nov 17, 2010

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