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At the end of 1994, actually in November, Martijn, Erik-Jan and Peter decided (after an annoying long periode of Erik-Jan begging) to go into a rehearsal room, to try to play together with a drummer. After a few months of stupid clean songs, Sebastiaan den Oudsten joined as bass-player...
Embodiment (which wasn't called Embodiment at first, but a strange name about something to do with weird funny smells?!) started to develop. Slowly they progressed and learned a lot from other bands and artists.
After a year of progress they found a (to-be-)vocalist, and soon after that they found another one... hhmm, 2 vocalists... in a very little rehearsal room!
December 13th 1996.... one of the most beautiful days of the history of Embodiment... fitting a complete drum-kit with double-bass and a lot of extras in a Toyota-Starlet, Embodiment had their first gig!.. peeing there pants they performed like hell... Breaking down 'the Hortus'. There where a lot of people... (in such a small basement...)
January 2001, after a lot of thinking and discussing about chancing the name of the band, because we found out there are more bands with the same name as ours, we came to a promising new name: The Embodiment. A slide detail with a lot of effect. We are now the only band with this name, without confusement of which band we are talking about.
Saterday 5th of may 2001, The Embodiment won 'de Doorbraak' in Harderwijk. A contest with 6 band. They won the audience and the jury's price. This was the best performance ever; lots of action and A GREAT AUDIENCE!! This is truly a new start for The Embodiment.

interview with Peter on 2-11-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
We are ’The Embodiment’. A band from the middle of the Netherlands. You don't know it yet.. but we are gonna take over the world. (Narf)

Are you ready for the rest of the questions?
eeehh.. is this a trick question?

You are around from 1994. Feeling like a veteran?
Are we looking that old on the pictures? Actually, when we started in 1994, we just learned how to hang a guitar around our necks. So, no real veterans around here.

Did you see the scene changed to today?
Actually yes. The scene has changed in a way, that it looks like metal is, or was, dying. I think that the scene was just waiting for the new generation to wake up. New bands, new inspiration and a new crowd to go completely nuts.

Please tell us the first name you choose for the band?
Hahahaha... Just imagine going to the toilet, while yesterday you've completely wasted your intestines with beans and beer. With that thought you're close to our first name. Eventually the name didn't say anything about us, so we searched for a new one. We found ’Embodiment’. Through the years we discovered about 4 or 6 other bands with that name, or close to it. And the bands were mostly worse than we want to be, so we renamed ourselfs to ’The Embodiment’.

You are influenced by Inquisitor. But they played a lot faster?
Yes, thats true. They also play a different kind of metal than we do. But they were an inspiration to us to go on and become better. We probably started playing because of them, but thats a thing I can't be sure of. When we first saw them we couldn't play anything. Erik Sprooten (currently in Ancient Rites) was AND is a source of inspiration. And with that he is also a great friend of us. Actually, with some of our gigs, you can spot a roadie with us, looking just like him!!!

Are you enslaved to something?
Hhhmmmm... GIGS! Performing live is such a kick... and a lot of fun...

What is your biggest desire?
Drinking beer without getting bigger!

Can your new material be compared to the demo songs?
Definately not. The demo is recorded in 1998. It was recorded on a analog tape with 16 tracks. Personally, I think that we weren't completely ready yet. We really want to leave the demo in the past and go on to the next step in the existence of ’The Embodiment’. The new material (and the old material) is faster and more energetic. We're probably gonna re-record some of the old tracks with a better quality than at the demo.

When do you release a new CD?
There is no date yet. I want to complete it as soon as possible. Some material isn't completed yet and we do have to find the funds for it. Recording and creating a new CD isn't really cheap. We have to do our best to create it with as less costs and the best quality there is. I attempt to complete it in the first part of next year.

Which body do you want to see?
uuuhhhmmm... new girlfriend?

A big step for you to do the lead vocals?
Not really. The biggest step was to stop smoking and actually having air enough while not getting a headache. When we dropped the vocalist, I already did a part of the vocals. Some were only backing vocals, but I already did some big parts of lead vocals. Before I started to officially do the lead vocals, we often practiced while I did them. So, the step to do it all wasn't a real big one. The only problem there was, when I took over, was a gig a week ahead of us. I had to do one song with the lyrics attached to the mic. That was a lot of fun to do...NOT

Are you more concentrated when doing vocals and guitar playing at once?
I don't think so. I always try to give the full 100% with both of them. Making an error in one of them, doesn't necessarily mean the other is going wrong too. But sometimes it does, but that's lack of concentration with both of them.

What do you look for in the crowd when you sing?
Eyes! It is hard to see them with the approxametly 1000 Watt lights burning into your face. But, if I can see something, I always look at peoples eyes. Some of them really make you shiver!

Still recognize people after a show?
Not always. Its not easy to really look at people while focussing on your performance. Most of the times, its just a moment that you'll see them. Some people do have a face to remember, so they'll be remembered.

How does the band celebrate the ending of a brutal gig?
Depends. With some gigs we had diner the day after it. While another time, when returning home, we just sit in our rehearsal room in the middle of the night and chat for an hour. There isn't any ritual actually. Just sitting and regaining our breath while enjoying a drink. And later on chatting with the audience.

You won ’De Doorbraak’. And now what?
MORE GIGS! Our goal is to record the new material and to perform as much as possible!

Does your girlie/wife understand what you are doing with the band?
Sorry, no girlie/wife at this moment. But, the women I do know and could optionally be girlie/wife, do understand it. Its one thing, she has to comply to, cause its a really big part of my live. Just like I have to comply to their lives.

Is it important for you to have a back up person like partner/parents?
Of course. Everybody needs someone, or more than one, persons to back you up. Having friends or family is necessary in live. Everyone should have someone who knows who you really are. Especially, when you're wrong again.

Is there something you regret doing in your life?
Yeah. That I didn't started earlier playing guitar and having that really big hangover a few weeks ago...

Are you glad you were born? And glad you will die some day?
I probably think that the world will be glad I'll die one day. Just an asshole less on the world! I'm glad to be alive. There are so many things that make it worth being here. Although its not always easy, it's sometimes so beautiful to just see the world around you.

How much time did you need to complete this intie?
Euh, I'm a really fast typist, but I really suck in typing it right at ones. My languages are a bit poor.... A reaaal bit. And my spellchecker is malefunctioning (Microsoft WORD 2000?? Fuck it big time). So... an hour or something... Now i'm gonna call someone to check it for me!..ghehe..

Did you learn something from these questions?
Sure, like what?

Last rites?
Live is a party.. just enjoy the ride... maybe we'll meet one day. (hopefully, while I'm on stage!!!)
Interviewer: twansibon
Nov 2, 2001

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