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Hello there. Congrats on your recent debut album; it’s pretty great stuff! Bluesy, rocking, and metal all blended into one! So how did you all form up together back in 2006?
Yeah, the band born in 2006 with Ghode at voice and Eric at the guitar…very soon Viktor and James arrived in the band and Ghode decided to pick up the guitar; all of that under the name Three Toed Sloth, but that name doesn't explain our toughest. A night, alcohol night,  Ghode and Viktor find a road sign so Ghode yell "Yeah!!! dude the name of the band will be Signs Predator! that's fucking awesome!". The following day Viktor think that "Predator" was too rude so we change it in Preyer…..Signs Preyer.

What is it about metal or rock in general that drives you guys compared to other kinds of music out there? Are there any particular bands you pattern your music after?
Like the other bands in the world, we start to get the '70-'80 sounds like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Bon Jovi, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, King Crimson,  etc etc 'cause Ghode have a really fucking powerful voice and Eric is a really good shredder. Slowly in the time we start to search  our sound and our emotions…results? Pantera, Black Label Society, Korn, Slayer, Metallica, Porcupine Tree, etc… etc… we are still looking for the real Signs Preyer's sound 'cause we are very open mind and all things turn into their sound for us…

What made you want to play ‘groove metal’ compared to all the other genres out there?
Most of all, it’s the music we like; great groove  and “in your face”  comes first, of course we take care about technical aspect but we prefer to be noticed for other element. I think it’s the music that we do best, even because the line-up is always the same from the beginning, so the feeling is great and we could give to the listeners the 100% of our power

After recording your demo back in 2010 did you find it easy to start writing for the new album or did it take a little more time? How did listeners originally receive it?
Some tracks in the demo are still in the album, of course have been modified and rearranged, even because in 2 years we have grown a lot as musician, and you can listen it well comparing  songs like Anger that is the newer and Killer Instinct the was in the demo. Anyway, it wasn’t so hard to write new material and we are very proud about the last compositions.

Care to share a bit about what you were going for with your self-titled debut? Did you have a specific message or theme behind it or did you just want to create a rocking groove album?
That's a great question, which many don't ask…Yes, there is a message. We take all the emotions and bring to the limit: if you are just angry, you'll end up hating; If you hate, you're going to kill. That's a contorted concept but we love to explain that with: we are the hunters of the human emotions, we take them and we hold them for analysis, we live them in their rebellious state 'cause fucking prisoners. That's the limit before the radical change.

Are there any songs that deserve special mention from the album?
All the songs have their stories, all the stories have their origins…we assure you that in all there's an anecdote. I think that Anger is very important for us, the music is more particular and contain many elements and sounds that we have never used before, in this song maybe you can understand that we have so many kind of music in our background. Even the lyrics are very “personal”  and we try to share a very important message in it…

Now that you’ve have the debut out, any plans for touring in the works? Has Signs Preyer ever toured before or would this be the first one?
A the moment we are having a great summer of concerts, we have many shows in the next weeks and planning gigs for the next months… hopefully, we’ll have very important news soon! We can’t exactly speak about “tour” as you intend, because nowdays is very difficult to manage a series of show in relative short time; from the release of the album we have done more than fifteen shows and it’s a good target for now, expecially in italy !

Any bands in particular you’d consider your ‘dream lineup’ to go out on the road with?
Wow… there are too many bands that we would like to play with: of course Down, Black Label Society, Korn, Red Fang, Mastodon  for first, but even some Italian bands like Extrema or Sadist would be great!

In a time where metal hasn’t really been mainstream- and it probably won’t ever be- do you find it difficult to reach out and get a broad fan base where you are located in Italy, or has it been pretty easy to connect to people with your music?
Everything that you reach in the “Metal scene” is a great target granted… almost in Italy  is very difficult to reach out and even find show to play and let your band be known, but of course you have to be proud of everything you made because you have spent so many energy and time. Here the bands that play in locals or events are always tribute band and they are also shit! …..I hope that something will change…or our dreams, the dreams of a lot of bands will dies. But we are fucking motherfuckers and we start to fight for fucking changes! …we need to shut the fuck up? never!

We are not a well known band, but are very happy to find out good review of our work and some people that seems to appreciate it.

Speaking of fans, has anyone so far done anything really nice for you guys, either in a huge Facebook comment about how your music really did justice for them or sent a gift, etc?
Yes, some people that bought the album wrote very good feedback of it in our facebook profile. Of course it makes us very happy. Some guys take picture of themselves wearing t-shirt with the logo of the band and posted in the internet… for is very important the be “in touch” with the fans, so we publish videos and pictures where we try to say “thank you”, of course in Signs Preyer’s Style!

That’s about all I have for now. Keep rocking and thank you for your time with BRUTALISM! We’d love to review any future work.
Oh thanks to you and BRUTALISM. Of course! We have already half new full length ;) I hope that somebody will enjoy our album…but please…please…stop with flame thrower! ahahhah

Interviewer: devilmetal747
Aug 10, 2012

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