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EDICIUS is back after the release of ’Aeon’ the MCD that both medias and fans acclaimed as a fresh and blasting Brutal Black Metal Grind! The band since then has been working very hard on this new release entitled ’Ce Que Tu Dois Honorer...’. Where the band spent 3 month for ’Aeon’, ’Ce Que Tu Dois Honorer...’ has been on work since March 2001! 7 Month you got it! We can hear a very dinstinct maturity between this two releases, where ’Aeon’ was total-in-your-face-blasting-music the last effort is more versatile. Sure the brutality is still there, but the keyboards has taken more space and the moods of the songs are very dinstinct from each other. There is a REAL progression!
EDICIUS has made a real masterpiece with this record. There was a before EDICIUS and there will be an after EDICIUS.

’Ce Que Tu Dois Honorer...’ has once again been recorded at the Temeraire Studio (a.k.a Insane's bedroom) with a production from the band itself. You'll hear different sounds from song to song, the band likes to change its guitar sound, or drum sound because of the mood of a song. The mood is a very important thing for EDICIUS because the band composes with his heart. And you can hear it on ’Succulent Crisis’ the song in which the band has succeded in mixing Morbid Angel kind of riffs, with Sympho black, Burzum-esque melodies, and cold wave bass.

interview with Alpha_Eoin on 16-11-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I'm Alpha_Eoin, I play the guitar in Edicius... I just turned 18... What else... I'm engaged, and was with my fiancée this week end... So..... I'm chatting with Deviant of Arkhon Infaustus... That's it!

Explain the name Edicius and why you use nicknames?
We refuse to explain the name Edicius because it appears so clear that it would be an offense to your mind to tell you the solution! We use nicknames because we like this thing in black metal! People don't care how our mom call us, fuck it, here is how to call us!!! Insane, Icon and Alpha_Eoin!

I think ’Aeon’ has a bad sound quality. Do you agree?
I would have to say yes and no! Yes cuz it sounds old to me, and no cuz I think it's pure black metal! I dunno really, the new one is sounding way better!!! You'll have to hear it! We want the listener to be able to hear every note, we don't want to over gain the guitar sound, because it's exactly how act newbies, you know ’oh man i want the Darkthrone sound!!! yeah metal zone kicks ass’, we say, ’let's face it our 8 tracks digital recorder (boss br-8) doesnt't allow us the pure abyss sound, so let's try to do our best to have clear instruments!’ Even if you don't like the sound, you must admit that you hear every single note the guitar plays!

Why is the new CD ’Ce Que Tu Dois Honorer...’ much better?
Because Aeon took us 3 months do be composed/recorded. ’Ce Que Tu Dois Honorer’ took 7 months to be recorded/composed. We have 10 tracks on the cd, and we have like 9 songs left over! The whole thing is more mature, it has different atmospheres, different moods between songs, or within songs... If you take the song ’Anti-Human Chronicles’ it combines Vader kind of riffs, with Dark Funeralesque melodies and the end is pure melodic guitar/synth stuff, you know we have chosen to make an album you can listen to everytime, when you feel depressed, or happy, or anything... But what's kinda weird is that we haven't made it because we wanted to do it, it just happened like that. Just lisen to the music, my words are worth shit compared to the music!

Is ’Aeon’ old material? Because you come fast with a follow up.
Yes ’Aeon’ was released on our little label TFU prods february 3rd 2001! We sold like 200 copies by ourselves... We weren't looking for a label but for a distributor, and Jf from Deadsun helped me in finding one, so to thank him i just gave him a cd, and he proposed us a deal... We were like ’oh that's cool’ and we sent 6 cds to label just for fun, and received very good answers, even from Osmose!!!! So we went to Deadsun cuz they were the first to say ok for a digipak for Ce que tu dois honorer!

Ever got the chance to perform? How does a show look like?
Yes we did five shows! We toured with Krabathor in september 2001! This tour kind of sucked for us, cuz our double pedal broke and all that... Our other shows were insaniac! With our flamebreathing friends!! It was really sick shit, people moshed the place we played in. It was very nice to see it after the show!

What is the message of Edicius? Why de you make the music?
Edicius has no message in particular! We basically just do our stuff, we want to keep the spirit alive! That's just about it! To sum up our attitude it would be: ’take what you like the best, mix it all together, re mix it with grind, re mix it with our twisted inspiration and you have Edicius’. Every person tell us how our cd is so great because it reminds them of the pure spirit, of the good old time héhéhé!! It's just weird to read in big magazines that they say we beat the scandinavians on their own field!!

Do you believe in life after death? What do you hope comes after death?
Yes I believe in life after death, I also believe in reincarnation! I'm very into hypnosis, and reviewing your past lives via hypnosis! After death I hope I'll have the answer to: ’Does God Exist?’! But, well, nevermind, as soon as I'm back on earth I'll forget everything!

Are dreams a kind of supernatural powers? Can they look into the future?
Well I don't know! Last night I dreamt of Auschwitz, I dreamt my girl asked me if we could go inside the buildings and see how it was... and there was a voice telling me ’it's there they used to torture them’ and all that... So I decided to wake up to end with it! I have no child yet, god thank you! It's weird how dreams come and go! Well, in my philosophy class, our teacher told us that philosophers say dreams can't look in the future.... I don't know.... You have sometimes this feelings of already seen! What is your point of view about it ?
Interviewer: twansibon
Nov 16, 2001
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