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The roots of Holy Martyr go back in the first months of 1994, under the initiative of the singer/guitarplayer Ivano Spiga.

The first name of the band was Hell Forge, but in 1997 the Monicker changed in Holy Martyr, inspired from a song of the Cult Band Omen.

In 2001, after some problematic changes in the line up, the band became a solid and united Combo with the former Ivano Spiga at the guitar, Carlo Olla (lead guitar), Alex Mereu (Vocals), Andrea Mucelli (bass), Giacomo Macis ( drums & percussions).

Holy Martyr's style is so far and different from the New European Power Metal Scene of the 90's...the music played is a derivation from the classic metal of bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, the impetuosity of the Bay Area Speed/Thrash Metal of (early) Metallica and Agent Steel and the deep Epic veins of Manilla Road, Warlord, Omen, early Fates Warning, early Queensryche and the catchy attitude of bands like Heavy Load and Attack.

We are proud to consider ourselves an Underground Metal band after eight years of activity, we have some old ’homemade’ tape but only in 2002 we decided to record a self produced Demo Mini CD entitled ’Hatred And Warlust’, a raw Speed Epic Metal attack with the attitude of the eighties. The cd contains a Cirith Ungol bonus track (Frost And Fire) and it is distributed from ourselves.

Actually the band is receiving a lot of enthusiastic comments, appreciations and good reviews. This demo Mini Cd will be also released on vinyl for the German label ’Metal Supremacy’. (for info:

The band is still working with new songs and planning the record of a new mini cd self financed.

This work is a mini concept inspired from the ’Battle Of Termopylae’ (Ancient Hellas-480 B.c.), entitled ’Hail To Hellas’.

Holy Martyr does not use keyboards and does not play Symphonic Power Metal, we have no references with the Power Prog Bands and most of all we don't recognize ourselves with the Shitfully Power Epic Metal Scene of the end of the '90's.

Holy Martyr never followed, does not follow and will never follow some fucking musical trend.

Support us or Hate us.

interview with Ivano on 29-07-2003

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Ok, we are a band born in 1994 with a different monicker, Hell Forge. We were a trio and only in 1997 i decide to change this name with Holy Martyr, inspired from an Omen song. I am the last original member and only in 2000 i have found a good line up with carlo Olla at the guitars, Andrea Mucelli at the bass, Alex Mereu at the vocals and Giacomo Macis at the drums. So in 2002 we decided to record our fisrt demo cd, with songs from 1994 and from nowadays. We are in tradition of the 80's heavy metal, we aren't a power 'crap' metal band like all the shit who's going in these last years. We are a sort of mix between the old Epic Metal, Nwobhm and the bay area thrash metal.

Describe your music? What is typical for a HM song?
Well our music is METAL, we don't play following trends and we are sincere. We like to play METAL with coherence and with style, not only copying another band. Sometimes we are very rough and speed, very thrashy but with melody, sometimes Epic with a progressive vein. The result is a sort of old Epic metal with various influences.

You don't like trends. What kind of trends? And why?
I don't like the people that play Metal to make money. Think to Metallica for example...also i don't like every type of trend that some label spread to make money.

Are you hating this musical era? What musical styles are totally unnecessary?
No, i'm not necessary hating this musical era. there good bands but i prefer the 80's...the best albums from every genre are all in these years. I don't like musical styles that haven't personality and coherence. Think to the extreme metal scene in the 80's. Death Metal was a genre for few people, nowadays the labels are making every kind of music commercial. All the music genres that haven't a soul must be ignored. I can listen hard core and all the bands with attitude, i respect them.

Why are you so keen on fucking the trends?
I have the old attitude of the old fuckin compromise with mainstream or the pop metal attitude...

Can you mention some bands that went with the trends? Did you like them in the beginning?
Oh...many bands...too many to mention. Sometimes i like the first steps of some bands. Sometimes i hate 'em since the first listening, especially for many Power Metal bands.

What where the bands you listened to in the beginning?
Iron maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Anthrax, Exodus... just to name some names.

Do you listen to nowadays music?
Yes, sometimes, there are good bands in every genre. I listen every kind of metal i am open minded and if a band deserve attention i like to buy their stuff. I prefer the 80's but it's not so necessary to follow only this period.

Do you also hate trends in fashion, cars, movies etc?
I am a non conformist person. I hate very kind of trend. The word trend is not in my vocabulary.

Wish the time should still in 1989?
Yes it could be great! But i prefer to remain in these days with the same attitude when i was just a little guy, this is the only method to remain different if you compare me with other metallers.

What keeps you busy? Work? Study?
I work, i am a worker and i use all the money for the band...

What are you trying to reach with the band?
I don't know. I like to play Metal and it's all.

Why the bandname? Refering to the struggle for true metal?
No...not so necessary...i prefer to fight making good music not stupid clichè words like the last Manowar's albums.
We have only a song with clichè lirycs...very old, we'll never making another things in this way.
Not only the bands that play pure metal (pure metal is the metal influenced from the NWOBHM...ok?) are 'True' to my eyes.
Also Death/Black or thrash bands with the Metal attitude are True in the spirit, like in the 80's.
The band name is inspired from an Omen's song...

What are you dislikes of some bands? Instruments? Vocal styles? Rhythms?
Uhm...all that keyboars above all. Metal is the GUITAR. Then all these clean and easy productions and the stupid high vocals styles of many power metal bands.
Another thing that i hate very much is the commercialization of the word EPIC. Nowadays all the guys speak of Epic tales, swords and shields...they play power metal or symphonic metal. I think that they aren't able to make this, they don't deserve the honour to use the word Epic with their shitfully music.
Now i say to you the real EPIC METAL bands and the roots of this unknown genre in the 80's: MANILLA ROAD, OMEN, WARLORD, very early MANOWAR, CIRITH UNGOL, VIRGIN STEELE and many others...well this was the Epic metal scene in the States...a genre for few and excellent bands, nowadays all pretend to play Epic but they don't know the roots of this music.

Are you doing something to get the old bands more recognition?
I always make something for the old bands and for the new bands that deserve recognition. If you want i can send to you many cd's of unknown bands, excellent names, if you'll listen them with brain and heart i think that you'll like 'em, more than all the actual poor music, above all in the classic/Power/epic scene of these days.

Do you think there is still a market for true metal? Where are the biggest fans? Europe, USA or Asia?
As i said before, the True metal is every kind of Metal that follow the great attitude of the past, the roots and passion of the 80's.

So every kind of Metal is accepted to my eyes. Bands like Immortal, Morbid Angel or Emperor are true to my eyes. My fave genre are Bay Area, the old Epic or the NWOBHM but it's not so important. We are a great family with the same roots.
I think that Europe, Japan or the South America are the most important areas for every kind of Metal.

Spew your guts for the last time?
Ahah! No guts, no Bolt Thrower said!!! I hope to get some interest also for metallers that listen different genres... metallers must be open minded and must reach every kind of good and interesting music. Why not to listen early Queensryche and Nile for example. I think that a deathster is not so different from my attitude, we have different tastes.

Last rites?
Thank you my friend for this interview, very glad to know metallers all over the world. Metal Rules! Stay Brutal, Stay Thrash and keep the True faith for the 80’ s Metal! Support music not rumors...
Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 29, 2003

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