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interview with sanatorium death metal from slovakia

The beginning of the band fall upon the period of time around the year 1991 - when Onecque together with Stasho decided to form a metal band. The line-up changed to this period several times, so that the band consisted of the following members: Alky - drums, Onecque, Warmo - guitars, Martin - bass, vocals. The band was fascinated by death metal from the beginning and tried to create their first compositions. The first concert of Sanatorium took place in may, 1994, in hometown and this show was followed by further gigs in another Slovak cities. A time had come for the recording of first demo tape and this happened in march, 1995. The demo got a name “Subculture” and contained 7 songs in length of 23 minutes. At the beginning of october, 1996, 6 new compositions in length of about 20 minutes were recorded. The release of this was seized by a new arisen firm Erebos Productions and the material is available in december of 1996 under the name “Autumn Shadows”. “Autumn Shadows” is also released on vinyl in may 1997, under the heading of labels Erebos Productions and View Beyond Records. Unbelievably good reactions helped to very good sale as some 3500 cassetes were sold worldwide plus the complete load of 7”EPs. The huge number of gigs, festivals together with famous bands is accompanied with the release of new material under the name “Necrologue”. It contains 4 new issues and one bonus track - re-recorded song from “Subculture” demo plus one previously unreleased track. It was managed to insure the appearance of the band on huge number of big festivals in CzR and SR. After that new drummer – Milan, joined the band and replaced Alky. Sanatorium recorded in may 1999 their debut CD “Arrival of the forgotten ones” in Pro-Art studio again. It was released 3.6.1999 by Erebos Productions/Dagdy Music and next day started their first European tour with Lividity (US) and Fleshless (CZ) – 8 gigs though Germany, Poland, Czech, Slovakia. Warmo decided to left the band due to personal problems and Sanatorium decided to play only like 3 piece band. In august and september Sanatorium toured in Bulgaria, Poland, Finland, Latvia, Belarus... and in novemeber supported CENTINEX on “Bloodhunt” tour through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech, Slovakia... Milan decided to leave the band and new drummer was found in person of Dzordz. In March 2000 Sanatorium palyed on 4 weeks long tour with US death/grinders SEPSISM. This tour helped to good sales of debut album. It was sold till now in 3000 CDs and 800 tapes. After this tour Sanatorium played only seldom some shows in Europe and hardly prepared new material which was recorded in Moonset studio in January/February 2001 with Prasiak as permanent guest vocalis. CD was released by FORENSICK MUSIC and Sanatorium supported album by 5 weeks long tour with Mexican Disgorge.

interview with Martin on 30-7-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Greetings, here is Martin from Sanatorium, brutal death metal. I am 25, unemployed at them oment, working on label only. We are death maniacs for years and finally we play music without any compromise with old ex-members.

Always been a metalhead? And always will be?
Heh, probably I will be always... I am metalhead from 1987, so I was quite young kid who loved early bands like Napalm Death, Sore Throat, O.L.D. + first albums of Death, Obituary, Carcass... pretty good memories. I was so young that I couldn’t see fave bands live as my parents didn’t allowed me to go for shows outside ourtown till 14, heh.

How are the reaction to the Internal Womb Cannibalism till now?
Really great reactions till now. We are very suprised and happy with it. We got quite good ratings not only in death or grind mags and webzines, but also in commom metal and rock magazines. We can’t be more satisfied. Still we feel and we know there is a plenty of space for improvement in musick and we will work hard to continue with this direction.

How did you get James and Matt do some lyrics?
I know Matt personally as we played in 1999 small (7 or 8 shows) tour with them in Germany, Czech and Slovakia. And I am in contact with James from Prophecy through email only, but they should be on tour in spring 2002 so hope to meet him eye in eye and see his band alive. It was really good that they wrote some lyrics for us and it is still somethiggn different when English is their native language...

And do you know Heather?
No, but wanna meet her and fuck her, heh.

Do you take your lyrics serious? And where do you get inspiration?
Well, lyrics is fun for us. You can’t read it and take it serious. But what should I say, most of the lyrics of mine is focused on reality. I got inspirations about several murders who were mentally sick and some parts are about their style of killing and torturing the victims. It is really something very interesting.

What do you do in your spare time?
I like to play football (real game + table football too), skiing in winter (my most fave sport for whole life), playing PC games, time with girlfriend, party with friends, smoking weed, beer... nothing special I guess.

Why don't you like to shoot nice promo band pics?
It seems always like pose. But we have done some finally as we can’t use only live pics. And it is always problems to meet the who band.

Whose pictures do you save in your wallet?
Naked girlfriend.

What is your favorit place to puke and when?
Hmm, I don’t remember the last time, but it was for sure from balcony of apartment on some party. Pretty fun as I puked on clothes few flats down.

Do you like visiting gigs yourself?
From time to time. I try to reach all the shows around 80-100 km if he have free time, but mostly not to see bands, just to meet people. And of course I like to see fave bands, but we must travel to Austria - Wien to see bands like Cryptopsy, Morbid Angel etc... We prepare to see Cryptopsy and Kataklysm in Wien in September.

What are your fav. bands for this moment?
I listen to Retch (US), Brodequin (US), Devourment (US), Fleshgrind (US), Flesh Feast (Can), Soils of Fate (Swe), Internal Suffering (Col) + not metal style Terminal State (SVK) - EBM and old Laibach.

With which bands did you start listening?
I wrote it in previous questions, but the first band I have ever heard from metal was Helloween and King Diamond.

And did you played airguitar with them?
Heh, of course... everybody did it I guess.

How luxueus is your touring bus?
Waw, that’s really good question, hehe. We spent all tours in a van. So, it was full of trash, smell, no place to sleep...

Are the tits of Britney S. for real?
Sorry, I didn’t push them yet.

Who does your dinner cooking?
Well, as I live with parents, mother cooks for me almost whole time, just from time to time I do something when I am home alone.

Did you start your own label for your own band?
No. I wanted to have own label finally and support brutal death metal and grind. It is always easy to start with own band, but I wanna sign some other bands too.

What kind of bands can be released on Forensick Music
Only brutal death metal and grind core at the moment, personally I don’t have any problem to listen to different kind of music, but I wanna work with this musick only now.

Who should not contact you?
Gothic, doom, black, nazi bastards etc...

What did I forget to ask you?
I don’t know... it is on you what you want to know. There is a lot of Sanatorium inties on various zines around, so check out other inties if you need to know anything else.

Last rites?
Thanx a lot for interview and support. Check out Sanatorium HQ for some MP3 and more infos. Our CD is distributed in Benelux by Cold Blood Industries, so check out stores around and ask for it. If they don’t carry it, ask directly Cold Blood for orders. Brutal death metal supreme kingdom of goresoaked massacre!!!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 30, 2001

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