Pyorrhoea, pronouned as pyo-ree-ya

interview with pyorrhoea

interview with Pyorrhoea on 09-01-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hello everybody. Pyorrhoea, intense death/grind band from Poland here. Pyorrhoea are The Pope - throat, Cyprian - bass, Daray - drums, Andy Blakk - guitar and vocals, A.D. - guitar. A.D. is new person in Pyorrhoea, he joined us in November 2002.

Why do you such a short bio?
Well... you mean this short bio on our website? We just gave there most important facts and it should be enough. This is biography not diary...

I thought that The Pope liked church music, so how did you convince him to join?
Let it be our secret, haha... But seriosuly, we know together for pretty long time. We have also played together some years ago. So, when Pyorrhoea formed out The Pope joined as vocalist. Of course, we don't have any connections with this old bastard from Vatican.

Explain the name? Did you search for the name on the internet, encyclopedia?
Pyorrhoea is a name of periodontal disease. It appears as pus ooze from the gums and teeth sockets. The name has been somehow offered to us by our friend, who is a doctor. The name itself, its meaning and so on convinced us to take it as a band's name. In other words... Pyorrhoea represents mouth full of pus.

Don't you agree that the name is difficult to pronounce? People will shorten the name to Pyo?
No, pronounciation is rather simple (try : pyo-ree-ya). It is ok with us that some people could shorten our name to Pyo. If they will associate this name with its full form, as well as with our music it is prety well.

How is the scene in your area? Easy to find gigs, fellow metalheads, record stores?
Polish scene is really strong nowadays. We have lots of very good bands. Just to point out few of them : Vader, Decapitated, Hate, Behemoth, Squash Bowels, Damnable... Well, situation with gigs is much more better than it was few years ago, but still it is not as good as we would like to see.

How did you get in touch with metal music? What were the first bands?
The story is rather common - we have got into metal by friends, elder brothers and so on. What were first? Mostly bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon, Running Wild, Motorhead, Venom, AC/DC and stuff like that. But it was too long ago to remember it exactly...

What were the reactions of your parents of you joining the metal scene? Did they agree, understand etc?
Well... it is obvious that normal parents take care of their kids... Of course, they were a little bit worried when we were going on gigs and so on. But, we hadn't any troubles because of that.

For how long did you not go to the hairdresser? How long will you let it grow?
Hm... hard to tell. 10 years? More? How long...? It depends. To be honest, we have never thought of that...

Describe your music? What are the highlights? What are you proud of?
We play brutal and extreme music, very fast and aggresive. Any description will not explain the ’taste’ of music, so... just check out our website at and listen to some soundsamples. You will point out highlights by your own...

Try to explain this to people that are only into polish folk music?
Huh... what?

Your promo is out since June. Did you already got some reactions? What was the most surprising?
Yep, we are promoting it since we recorded this promo. All reactions were, and still are, very good and very building for us, as a band and musicians. Nothing was surprising... We knew what we want to achieve and all of those positive reactions/oppinions are a proof to us that we did this well...

You are also appearing on the Horna comp. How did you got in contact with them?
Standard procedure... We have sent them our promo, and they have contacted us with question if we want to appear on their compilation. Nothing extraordinary. Besides Horna compilation, we're apearing on Metal Mayhem vol.I and Taste Of Gore #2. Check them out...

Are you trying to participate more with comp? What is your opinion about compilation CDs?
Not exactly... We have sent lots of CDs to magazines and labels, and few of them offered us appearance on their compilations. We agreed, as this is another way to promote our band and our music. Compilation CDs are really good thing. At first, this is great promotion for band. And this is great opportunity for people to check out few different bands.

When do I get my free Pyorrhoea shirt?
We'll let you know when it will be ready...

Do you buy a lot of music yourself? What kind of bands, genre?
Hard to say. It depends what you mean ’lot’. 1 CD or 5 CDs per month... But, yes, we are buying some stuff rather frequently. We are listening to different genres, different bands. Mostly it is brutal music, but we also listening to industrial stuff, some classic heavy metal and so on.

Which three albums will you rescue first when your house is on fire?
Sorry, this is impossible to answer...

What is your connection with Azazel tattoo? Got them yourself? What were your feelings after the first piece?
There is no connection... We just make there our tattoos. This is really good studio, so we promote it on our site by putting in in links, for example. What is the feeling after first piece? You just want to have another one!

How are you towards the European Union? Do you want to join?
Sorry, we're musicians not politics...

Do you think there will be a global community where there is no more war? What are your thoughts about the state of the world?
No, we do not belive. The main reason is religion, then politic. Look on islamists, catholics, jews... Religion is a cancer of human race. No, there is no chance for peacefull world now.

Your last chance to promote Pyorrhoea?
We hope we already did it... If you are interested, let us infect you with our disease...

Last rites?
Thank you for this interview and your support. We are working hard on new material. It should be recorded in May this year (2003).
Checkout our website and prepare to accept our domination...
Grind your souls.
Interviewer: twansibon
Jan 9, 2002

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