Putrefy want to go back to the roots of death metal

Hello Jason, firstly introduce yourself, the band and give a brief history of the band.
Howdy partner, well the band at the moment is Connor on guitars and vocals, Aaron on bass, Aaron on 2nd guitar (yep 2 Aarons, haha), and myself on drums Putrefy originally kicked off in 1992 but you could say 1988 as myself and some of the guys had been in other bands that lead up to Putrefy in 1992, but I'll say 1992 as the bio states, split up in 1995, got a new line up sorted in 2000 and still we are here, so its all good.

Do you still speak with/see any of the demo lineup from the early 90's?
I was in contact with the original singer Charlie last year but contact ceased last year, so as life goes ya move on, he's a good lad, but well outta the music business. Jeff I saw last year, he's married with a son and he can't play guitar anymore due to some medical condition, both guys still like metal, Mark sadly passed away a year or 2 ago on a motorbike accident, R.I.P dude.

So the band has been going almost 20 years. The band is on Metal Age Productions. How has that been for the band so far?
Yeah Metal Age are cool I suppose, more gigs offered would be cooler, good roster of bands on the label, would be cool to see Metal Age packages at European fests, who knows, would be nice.

You have played overseas, both stateside and european, out of all these which is you favourite and which standsout in your mind and why?
Obscene Extreme, Central Illinois metalfest, NRW Deathfest in Germany, Caos Emergente in Portugal, all these stand out for me, Obscene Extreme and C.I.M we wanna return and play our proper live show, reflecting on them last performances we wasn't that good being honest back then, much a different band now, tighter, much much better musicans now, the band has went through a big transformation since then, doing these fests again now would be good, people ask if we're gonna do them again, we'd love to but thats up to the promoters in the end, fingers crossed for the future.

"One Nation Under Gore" was very well received, aquiring some real good reviews upon release. I take Putrefy intends to up the ante even more so?
Yeah it's well recieved, it could of been so much better but we all learn from mistakes so I'm still happy enough with it, the next recording will be proper, plans of action are being looked into and hopefully secure someone with a name in mixing and mastering to make it sound the way we want it, the ante will always rise with every release, I like a challenge with every cd, the difference between the debut album and "One Nation Under Gore" is day and night, so hopefully the 3rd album will be the same as we're always looking to improve playing skills and song writing.

The cover to this release is very different to that of the debut album which was released on Will Rahmer`s, Redrum Records, please explain the cover concept? It looks like a continuation of the first album?
Well it's a concept. Connor came up with about the zombies being in government and in charge of the humans, humans being the lesser majority, chaos everywhere, cities falling, apocalyptic in theme you could say, personally I think it's a cool idea with the title.

How is the writing coming for the 3rd Putrefy album, what can BRUTALISM readers expect?
Musicially the new shit is more direct, I really wanted a 1990's American death metal vibe back again, less slam riffs, more death metal but done our way, the new album will be heavier, faster, sicker than previous releases, so far I'm really pleased the way the new songs are going, more interesting in putting them together, and theres even solos in the mix now, some bands are going towards the slam style, I'm sick of those bands now excluding the ones who can do it well, we're death metal and the time is coming we everyone will hear it.

Despite the core of the band being yourself and Connor (it's fucked up refering to myself in 3rd person), the band has a new guitarist and bass player. How are they fitting in?
Both guys are doing very well I gotta say, Aaron rankin on 2nd guitar has done a load of gigs now and getting better everytime, he wasn't in bands before so he had to get familiar with the shit that happens at gigs, Aaron Scilly on bass is an old hand with bands like some people will know he also was our soundman so he's a fan of the band and knows the score within a band like this, couldn't be happier with the present line up, easily the best to date and hope it continues for a very long time.

Where can folk see you in the future and what are the bands plans for the rest of this year and 2011?
We hope to play as many places as possible, local, foreign, other galaxys, haha, but yeah we wanna gig as much as possible so if your a promoter, want to book a band like Putrefy please get in touch, we're always looking to tour and play fests worldwide, apart from that we'll be continuining writing the next full length, next year folks we hope its out.

And on a final note, anything to add? Last rites?
I want to send a massive FUCK YOU to the haters out there in Ireland, insignificant wankers.