Philosopher in the age of paradox

interview with Snakes, January 2006

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hello, my name is Snakes of PHILOSOPHER. I’m playing the guitar and guitar-synth and am composing some of our weird patterns of frenzied mind-cultivation. Along with me are my very honourable fellow-musicians Mike Seifert on vocals, Tobias Trepte on bass and the incredible Christoph Weilbach on drums.
Actually my favourite Death-Metal Lineup.

Philosopher obviously named after the Death song. Why this link?
Though we like and much respect the music of Chuck Schuldiner and companions we didn’t choose our name after DEATH’s last song on the ITP-album.
Our name stands for our music and the way we like to think of it and the connection our profession has to our very spirits.

Don't you think it limits you as always connected to Death?
Actually I think it doesn’t.

Do you also play the song live as a cover?
We did that in the past in order to amuse ourselves and pay tribute to the very respectable gentlemen of the former mentioned Death Metal Cornerstone.
We do not cover these days in order to the importance our own music has to us personally – it simply wouldn’t fit in the band’s overall concept.

What is the main goal for the band? What do you wanna reach?
We want to be heard. Globally. Simple as that.

Are you dreaming of stardom so the band can pay your bills?
We’re definitely not. Our message is of importance rather than the amount of appearance in the international press.
Or the amount of shiny bills in our pockets, to put it that way.
You would not choose Death Metal to become a VIP, or would you?
In fact you choose Death Metal to compose music without any compromises. At least that’s the way we see it.

But what is the hard reality in your economical life?
I’d rather not discuss this in an interview meaning to deal with musical aspects, but let me hint you this, we all have our share of private live besides the music. Some of us even have sex do you believe that?

Philosopher+Thoughts=intellectuality. Can this be found in the lyrics?
It definitely can be found in the lyrics and in the music as well. Music always is a mind trip, our music especially for those who understand.
The more profound your wisdom the more you get the whole concept. Let’s say as much as musical and otherwise patterns throughout our releases are one major key to the complete understanding of our work. Those who know are about to see.
And read the booklet, for Heaven’s sake! Then read it again !

How important are the lyrics?
Neither the music or lyrics work alone or individually. You have to put it all together, bring in the patterns and let your mind do the math... transcend in our music and then finally you might get the whole thing right!
Remember the trick about Pink Floyd’s DSOTM-album and the MGM’s Wizard Of Oz? That’s just much about how our music works.

Do you agree that people are getting dumber these days? Some examples please?
In fact I don’t think so. According to Steinbach’s theorems – and has the man been a source of inspiration these days! – I’m quite optimistic about these days and the next to come. People everywhere are expanding their minds, if I may say so.
It’s only naturally when the intellect is brought down on the one side by the stupidity of mass media, greater intellect is born one the other side. This is the age of paradox and it’s going to be a great era.
After all I believe the amount of human stupidity is equal by being infinite. But all learning begins in being dumb, don’t you think ?

People are not only getting dumber but also more egocentric. What could be the reason?
That is not as it appears to me... nothing wrong about being an individual in my opinion.

Your album is out some month. What are the reactions? Something you expected?
According to the reviews the reactions are outstanding. Some people seem to really dig our music.
As to the numbers of copies sold that belongs to our label, I don’t have the accurate numbers at hand.
We’re beginning to be heard.

Do your grandparents get free copies?
If you clap only one hand, what does it sound like ?

Also got some offers for touring? With which band(s) would you like to go on tour?
It appears we’re touring a little with our labelmates Solace of Requiem (Virginia, USA) and their support in Feb/Mar ‘06.
Plus there are several other touring opportunities for 2006. For latest info see our homepage or check our Label

Are you working on new material? Would it differ much?
Of course we are. The process of composing takes a lot of time and I guess the new stuff weaves the mindblowing net of patterns, music, magick, lyrics and atmosphere. More complexity, harder and faster drumming, heavier and more far-out riffing composed with the ever-so-grunting shouts of Mike.
This next thing will be even beyond “Thoughts”. According to the laws of Lovecraft Operation Mindfuck continues...

Progression as musicians or humans?
Thanks to my new guitars, the HYDRA models given to me by Frank Scheucher of ZERBERUS GUITARS (Germany) I’m in fact exploring new territories of guitarshredding.
Frank is a hell of a craftsman and he builts a lot of great custom-guitars too, so go check them out!

As a band, our minds are “growing together”, we more often come to points of nonverbal understanding when rehearsing or arranging songs. We develop and grow as a band as well as individuals.

Tell something about your hobby as I heard it is quiet unusual.
You see, playing in a band like PHILOSOPHER doesn’t leave you too bored, as the writing process and rehearsing often is difficult and takes a lot of time, though it’s never boring.
Anyway, I pretty much like playing guitar. And I’m an H.P. Lovecraft devotee among many other authors. I explore my mind writing blogs and books and I’m a bit into the occult and other science as well. I’m interested in how things work – be it the human Mind, Free Energy Devices or a Steam-Engine.
I paint, I do sports and, of course I’m a bit into Philosophy – Steinbach again you see.
Actually some friends and I are introducing a little event-platform for underground Death-Metal-Bands – please see Not much unusual so far, don’t you think?

More artifacts to know how people can support you?
Go check our songs out. I really recommend. If you like’em go buy the album. Go to our shows. Think and BE AWARE!
This will help you understand, period.
If you like send us Lovecraftian things, maybe photos of nice artifacts will appear on album sleeves, who knows?

Last rites?
On behalf of the whole band I’d like to thank you for the interview and the chance to present PHILOSOPHER to your listeners.
Mightst thou be very blessed !
Interviewer: twansibon
Jan 18, 2006

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