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interview with Pathology Stench

The band was founded in 1992. In October 1993 they recorded the first demo ’Practical Brutality’which brought a brand new sound in Czech-Slovak scene. The demo meant a great success and the band got a good position in the home underground scene. They have had some line-up changes in 1994 and 1995 but they played many gigs as well. In 1996 they got an offer for the debut album. It was recorded in Exponent studio in February 1997 and it is entitled ’Gluttony’. The album was well received in home market as well as in the states of North and South America and also in some exotic countries (Niger, South Africa, etc.) Therefore the band have played about hundred shows from autumn `97 in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Austria. During the summer `98 and `99 they have played the biggest Open Air festivals in Slovakia and Czech Republic.
In May Y2k the band went to EXPONENT studio and recorded new album entitled ’Accion Mutante’, which was mastered in Prague (CZ). The album is released in cooperation of SHINDY Productions and ROCK EXTREMUM Records.

interview with Baro on 10-03-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hail to all fans and readers of your zine. It's Baro here from Pathology Stench. We are the band of four madmen from Slovakia that play a mad music for last several years. We have already released one tape demo recording and two albums and played over 200 live shows here as well as abroad. Our guitarist Lubik is 31 years old and married to Monika; they have a daughter Claudia. Vlado the drummer has just got married to Katharine; the baby is on the way. Kuco the bass player is 27; he lives with his girlfriend and me Baro 29 year old with my promiscuous partnership.

Why is this your second album?
In fact this is our third album; because the first one ’Practical Brutality’ recorded back in 93 was MC album, which contains 10 songs in total time 31 min. It was really difficult to record CD album just couple of years ago over here. In fact it's not easy even today bot much easier. Our first album ’Gluttony’ showed that there is an interest in the Pathology Stench among the fans and sale went on very well. So the next album ’Accion Mutante’ become a reality and I hope that everything goes well from now on. Our third CD album is on its way, we are still working on it.

On what front did you improve regarding to Gluttony?
I think we improved every single front. We advanced ourselves as individuals, but the most important is that we synchronised ourselves and it helped us to make the music more compact and harder. We talked about comments and suggestions; we did as well as we could at that time. The unity and compactness of players is great and the band works like a machine. It's necessary to listen it, the ’Accion Mutante’ is great step forward in every way and we'll be even better.

You think you can evolve more? How?
I think there is always something to improve and evolve! I mean creation of songs; we want to do our best. Every song was bestial, well done, and helped to create smashing unit characteristic for the Pathology Stench. Is easy to come up with the single idea, play it around and around and than every song reminds the previous one! That is the way we don't want to do our music. We want you to recognise every single song after few seconds and also feel something. Very important is to make great sound, but we need more money for it and it depends of label. People praised our sound, but we want to improve it.

Ever been to a mortuary? Remember the smell?
Yes I have been to mortuary and of course I can remember the smell. When I was student I used to go to autopsy. I have seen many common but also some unique causes. Friend of mine is working at pathology.

How important is your image (artwork, lyrics etc)?
We are always trying to make unique booklet that suits for the music and lyrics. Yes we are trying to do well on this front also, but it's not the most important at all. I think that we have built up our image and the fans know who the Pathology Stench is.

Ever shit on a coffin yourself?
No I have never shit on the coffin, even though I have shit, chucked up or pissed anywhere. I never had the reason to shit on someone's coffin.

What kind of music do you listen to yourself?
Any kind of music! From Jazz all the way to extreme music. But of course metal and rock music is dominating.

Ashamed when you listen to non metal music?
There is nothing to be shamed of! it's sick to wear the earmuffs all the time. People are delimited if they listen only one kind of music. I don't think it's possible to be so musically uneducated.

What do you think of the death metal scene?
I think that the death metal scene is just like any other. The money is present everywhere; it's business. What I hate is that, too much of effort is being spend behind the bands from the West and America, they are pushed forward everywhere and most of them plays shit. Well known labels will just hardly release any good band from the East. There are few exemptions, but not many. I can't understand it. It seems like if they were afraid to promote the bands, even though it would have been profitable. Anyway fuck it, except of this it's fine. it's good that this kind of music has its own scene supported by so many fans; thanks for that.

Ever kissed a transsexual?
I hope not! Even though I like the perversity, but only with the women.

Do you ask for CD of the bands you tour with?
I do ask for the CD or MC of the bands sometimes, but only if their music takes my interest. Many bands gave me their CD without my asking and also I received many by mail from all over the world so I've got quite large collection.

Any fav bands to get on stage with?
We have played with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Napalm Death and many others, but of course there are still few that I would like to get on the stage with, for example Slayer, Ozzy Osbourne, Motorhead or Iron Maiden. Those are the bands that I used to listen when I was schoolboy and it would have been great to play with the legend.

If you won the lottery than....?
I would get a house on the quiet place and well-equipped studio. I would make many metal parties, do our music and I would record and produce young bands and lived, stagnated and fucked the women till the end.

What kind of education did you had? Is it your profession now?
I have finished the Health school; the rehabilitation nurse was my domain. My first job was in the health-care profession. But later I was working at the bakery and afterwards at the boiler-house for a five years and that was a great job. It was local automatic boiler-house, so if everything was working fine there was not much to do. Anyway I&Mac226;m working in my profession again, as a rehabilitation nurse at the Health care centre. I am taking care of the physical health of people and their prevention against the diseases.

What dreams did you had as a child?
I had various dreams, just like any other kid. Later we used to fool around like Red Indians or I remember I wanted to be a tank driver.

You believe in regression therapy? Any interest?
I don't know! There are many things we can't understand, may be one day we will, when the time comes. I don't know when or how, but the time will come.

Did you served military? Your ideas about playing soldier?
No I haven't served the military, none of us did. If we have played Punk rock we would have named our band The Blue Book, because the blue book is the evidence paper of inability to serve the military and we all have it. I think that the military service is the waste of time. If there was professional army, fair enough, anyone can join the army and live under their rules.

Do you think we need nuclear energy?
I think so, for now, but it's only the question of time and the nuclear energy will be compensated by some other alternative. It is the matter companies that have the control over the nuclear energy; of course they don't want to lose the profit and substitute it by any clear and safe form of energy.

Do you care about the environment? Support Greenpeace?
I do care about the environment and when I was younger I was active in environmental protection. Greenpeace is just cover for big companies, which supports their own interests under pretence of environmental protection.

Is there a barbeque at your garden?
Not at the garden, but mainly at the cottage. We do the gluttonous parties regularly. We usually buy a lot of food, alcohol we bring some chicks and we eat, drink and fuck all weekend. I always enjoy the roasting of the meat. Quite often we stay with the fans after the gig and it is always great-unexpected party.

When was the last time you bought flowers?
I bought the flowers for Vlado's (drummer) wedding on January 19. 2002. And afterwards for my mum a week ago. That was for a last time.

Last rites?
Thanks for an interview and support of Pathology Stench. I am sending hello to all fans of metal music in Holland. Keep listening to Pathology Stench and you will experience the greatest massacre of orgasm. If any of you still don't have our CD than get it as soon as you can, it's real murdermachine. One more time thanks, take care!
Interviewer: twansibon
Mar 10, 2002

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