Nothing speaks better then Krieg's music

Krieg, formed in 2005 by brothers Friedrich and Cristian Gscheidel, along with drummer Walter Valli. Possessed by the same passion for heavy metal of the eighties, and born of the same creative spirit, the group created a unique and powerful sonic impact, well outside the limited musical horizons of their birthplace. Revisiting their first ingenious compositions, and combined with new material, Krieg’s debut album was realized. Mixed by Canadian producer Glenn Fricker and mastered by James Murphy, (Testament, Obituary, Death). After this intriguing story it was time to chat with Cristian.

Please give us a short introduction of yourself to start this interview with?
I'm Cristian Gscheidel voice and bass of Krieg, I'm 32 years old, I'm a musician, I'm a composer, I'm a dad and much more.....

As you are not alone in the band please say something interesting about the other members?
ha ha! I'm not so good speaking of other I don't want to speak about...sorry!

The band was formed in 2005 with the passion for 80s metal. Did you played in bands before? What kind of styles did those played?
No. Anybody have played in other bands!

Curious if you are self taught on the instruments or had some kind of education?
We have study several years......personally I have a degree in classical composition.

Krieg is a German name and used by other bands as well. No problem with the multiple bandnames? Considering your familyname I assume you have some German speaking roots?
Yes I know there is another band (black metal) called krieg...but sinceraly....for me isn't a problem. We have started several years ago with this name, and so, we don't want to change it!

I and my brother have german origins, our father was german, but we have always lived in Italy, so, we are italien.

Every band has a goal in their existence so what is the goal for Krieg? And what have you achieved sofar of these goals?
We want to write good music, we wanna do good live performance.....and untill now I think we have done it! for the future I hope we will be better then now.

"Dead Sound Walking" is your debut and can you explain the album title? Is there a bit of a concept on the album or just individual tracks?
I think that the title don't needs an explanation, you can find what you feel to find.  there isn't a album concept in the songs, each tracks has its own story...

For an indie debut album you had it mixed by a Canadian and mastered by legendary James Murphy. What is the story behind this?
We have send a demo to Glenn Fricker, and he was really happy of our music, so he asked us if he could mix our album, then when he finished the mix he has send our cd to James (that is a friend of Glenn). James liked so much our music, so he has mastered....that's all!

With so much effort for the album you offer it for free download. Why? Now you have no chance for return of investment...
The reality is that nowaday nobody (apart famous bands) sell if he make a deal with a small label, surely we will not sell nothing! I prefer let download for free, so people will listen to my music, and maybe, in the future I will make a deal with a great label. Surely at the moment I cannot receive money back for my effort....but I see for the future.

Is this the future for the music industry? Offering albums for free as a kind of fight against piracy? And getting money out of shows and merch?
I don't know...but internet has definitely change the music market.....and yes I really hope to get money for my show!

You have released the album by yourself. How do you look back to this? Think it is better to do it yourself or having a label doing it?
If you don't have a great label behind it's much better do by yourself

Now you are experienced for 1 album, what would you do different when working on the 2nd one? Different way of writing? Recording? Releasing?
We are working on the second one.......nothing has changed in writing and recording...we are just thinking on how it will be released.

Enough about the band. What are your activities outside the music? Work, releationship, hobby etc?
I speak for me......I work in a chemical industry as laboratory technician.....I have a daughter, 11 years old....but luckily I'm still single!I write classical music, and sometimes I score for films (low badged)...and bla bla bla....I don't want to bore you…

Which stories will you tell your grandkids one day?
oh shit....I don't think I will be on this planet.....

Anything else you want to share that we should know?
Yes ! go here and download dead sound walking....nothing speak better then music.

Last rites?
Metal up your ass my friends!!! see you soon for the next album, thanks for the interview.