No sauce on the Buffalo Grillz meat

interview with buffalo grillz from italy

Please give us a short introduction of yourself so we know with who we deal with?
You are talking with Marco, or "Cinghio" if you prefer, guitar player and songwriter of the band…. I've started to play when I was 13 and I always played bass, but I've started to play guitar 4 months after Buffalo Grillz born because I did not found a guitar player for the band….

Can you also introduce the other cowboys in the band?
Yes! Enrico also singer from Undertakers, Mastino drummer from Dr.Gore and Luciano bass player from Elephante and ex bass player from Tsubo.

We know each other from many years and we played with our previews projects many shows in the past, we basically are good friends and we start this project to have a lot of fun.

Don't know if Buffalo Grillz is a serious band or just a fun band so you have to explain this.
Well, we started as a fun band, a side project just to play what we like more, and what we always want to play in our life, a "no limits" grindcore band, or death metal, of the fuck cares if a song is more grind or death, we want just to play fast.

But months after months something definitely changes, and now we are putting more energy and more attention in this project… we had the honor to play with some big names around Italy and also our second album get very good reviews… so why don't try?

We are definitely a serious band, we would like made more stuff and never stop the band.

The members played in other bands, what made you decide to start something together? Who made the first step?
Enrico, and at the beginning it was supposed to have Max from the band Natron at the drum… they are friends from maaaany years and they started to talk about the band, about a grindcore band. But they needed someone to write the songs so they called me, I had many riffs or songs "too heavy" for my other projects so I started to make some preproduction at one with a shitty guitar… We were looking for a guitar player but after some months I just said "no, I'll play guitar" and I asked Luciano to join the band on the bass… and it was funny because I've asked him at the Obscene Extreme 2009 when he was playing with Tsubo, and after 3 years we are playing together with Buffalo Grillz.

And what was the reason to make grindcore? Writing short songs? Not being seriously? Having too  much fun?
In my opinion the first thing for a band should be having fun, even if you are the biggest rock band in the world. If you have no fun playing or with the people who you are playing with, that band probably will be fucked up after a short period.

What we do with Buffalo Grillz is our idea of "have fun" with music… we can't go on stage with a different attitude, just talking about the Lord of Darkness, north forests, dismembering human corpse or stuff like this… in Shitaly we have many problems right now, our political class just sucked our money to pay their nice cars or teen prostitutes, we basically go to work to pay the gas to go to work, our country is fucked up, I want just go on stage and scream until I'm falling down for no oxygen.

About the fun part. I like the twisted titles like Linkin Pork, Dimmu Burger or Pig Floyd. Already got hate mails from their fans or the band themselves?
hahahah not yet! but if I'll receive a mail from someone from Pink Floyd I'll tell you for sure!

We have also the shirt of "Dimmu Burger", I was planning to send one to someone from Dimmu Borgir.

The 3 aforementioned songs deal with meat. Together with the monniker it is obvious you like to bbq. What is your favorite bbq snack and with with sauce?
In Italy we have the "Fiorentina steak", is basically the T-Bone, and have to weight at least 1.2 Kilograms. We love it, we eat tons of meat and we always like to try new stuff but Fiorentina is sure my favorite. I also really like the Lamb Ribs, they are typical from here, you should try it, fried are incredible…. and no sauce due, never cover the meat taste with a sauce.

As one of the zillion grindcore bands you have to stand out to get noticed by the crowd. What are your tricks to get noticed?
Because most of the grind/death band that call themselves death metal are people dressing like a hip hop singer that screams like someone jumps on his balls. We usually have fights with this kind of people.

And if the music won't get noticed what else can you do to get people listen to you?
We weight more or less 100 kg each one, if you'll not notice us for sure you could see us.

Saw the pic of one of your fans having a rubber boat in the crowd. What is the funniest item you saw during a gig?
Oh well that was sure one of the funniest, and he was actually a friend of us but I recognized just when he was "swimming" to us! But if you'll be at the Obscene Extreme Fest believe you'll see TONS of stuff like that!

Already played with known bands like Entombed, Municipal Waste and Sick Of It All. How was the atmosphere with these bands? Appreciated by their fans?
It looks like… The bests shows in my opinion were with Ratos The Porao and Entombed, so many people and so happy jumping around during our shows.

But really all the bands you said are great people, and I also can say all the guys from Rotten Sound and Nasum, some of them also participate in our last album singing or playing something, no rockstars, no posers and all people that play from more than 20 years, the best you can find around.

And of course playing at Obscene. That must been the highlight of the year? Tell us some smoothy backstage stories?
Yes I think it was the best conclusion of this year, and I'm proud of it. The Obscene was amazing, everybody drunk and stoned and I've met many friends I've not seen from some years. We played at 11.30 am so we were sure not to play in front of many people but we were definitely wrong, many people jumping around and the singer from Haemorrhage in the middle of the crowd with our shirt on. Our drummer was almost crying.

And why is Enrico almost everytime wearing soccer shirts at stage? Remember him doing that when in Undertakers…
Enrico is the biggest football fan I know, but the "good" one, not just the one that goes to the stadium looking for fight, he follows lots of teams and he knows ALL about it, but Napoli is definitely in his heart… Don't ask me anything about it because I not sure how many people play in an official match, I'm the rugby player of the band.

What are the plans for the future? Every band has a goal when starting, so what is the goal for Buffalo Grillz?
I want to make a world tour with Madonna, opening for us. I'll stop after that.

Till you reached stardom you can promote the band or the album or say something that has to be said. Go ahead and make us think, laugh or cry.
Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate, we are awaiting you in our home to let you try the best meat around, bloody and tasty, no imitation, just the best cuts.

We have no wine for you, just blastbeats and loud amplifiers.

Interviewer: twansibon
Oct 3, 2012

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