No new trends with Holy Moses

interview with Sabina on 09-05-2005

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
A short introduction about 25 years – this is real hard – so I will do it with the title of the new album: To give an idea about me: strength – power – will – passion – the only for words to go for a whole decade with a band.

Introduce Holy Moses to the extreme listeners. Where does it stand for? What can they expect?
Holy Moses stands for an intensive will – power and aggression – what you can expect: an hard will and a believing about the things I am doing.

For many years active in the metal scene. Still enjoy?
Otherwise I would not go on.

Is Holy Moses a body part oy you? An expantion of your soul?
Yes! I am Holy Moses – and it`s my passion and a window to my soul!

Do you feel like a metal granny? And what cn you teach the youngsters?
I feel like Sabina all the times – I am not thinking about the age in my passport, I am not thinking about grannies or youngsters! For all human beings: Find a passion for you life – fight for it – catch the energy to do it – get from the energy the will !!!!

Never had the idea to make an album with only metal women? Like Doro, Girlschool, Rockbitch etc?
I mean, if we would find great riffs and great arrangements my we should not do it – I mean I would like to do something with Doro – but it should not be by purpose – if we are sitting sometimes together and getting a really good idea, it is possible to do it

Do you feel you have to defend that you are a woman in mostly male dominated metal scene? Any examples of prejudism?
I am not thinking about this. I am so used to it and I can handle it. So for me there are no differences – I growl with my ovaries and the guys with their balls...

Is it hard to write new songs? Where get inspiration from and when is a song album worthy?
To give you an idea of how I go about the songs, I’ll use “Rebirthing“ as an example. It’s a typical Holy Moses thrash song with backing vocals to support my main message, it’s quick and hard but with the typical Holy Moses rafinesse. When Michi was writing this song and I first heard the riffs, I knew that this song would bring out all my inner anger... Hate, lies and intrigue rule the planet – in a small or larger way – it’s not just in politics because politics begin in our own inner circles... This anger can often sap your strength and energy to fight against this, once being aware of this, depression can set in and you feel helpless against the events. Stopping this process is called “Rebirthing”, in other words, stepping back and taking a breath to find your own solutions. Releasing your own energy blockade by finding peace in your own self... You’ll find similar messages in all the lyrics and that we’ve fit the individual moods of the riffs together with mood of the text. I think that this is what makes this album so special. Everything just fits perfectly together.

Do you follow the nowadays trends in metal? And what kind of other music do you listen to?
I follow the trends in metal 'cause I am working for the record label Armageddon music – but I am not into the new trends with Holy Moses. I am happy that we could find our way and style a lot of years before. So for my job I have to listen to new bands, new productions – but at home I listen to my old stuff like Black Sabbath and a lot of other things – also to relaxing music.

What other activities do you do besides singing? Can it be combined with the band?
Yes – I am happy to work to the record label and I have the freedom to go on with the band also – I need this – also I am doing management and booking for the band and I am the owner of my own publishing company. So everything has to do with the extreme music and I can combined it with the band.

Do Germans see you as a national celeb? never asked for Wetten Das?, Der Alte or the Rudi Carrel Show?
Yeah – I was with my little dog (RIP) in the dog-show of Rudi Carrel – not kidding – and we did in 1989 “The Fall Für Zwei” something like “Der Alte”....perhaps I should growl in Wetten Das, hahahahahahahaha – but I like to be more underground – instead to be in a totally stupid TV shows like in the TV times today.....hahahahahahahaha

And why are the movies in Germany not with subtitles but that irritating dubbing?
That is a great question – because of the synchronizations of the movies, most of the Germans are really stupid and can`t speak other languages!

Are you prepared for the soccer worldcup in 2006? Can you imagine the Dutch are hopeing for a winning 1974 revenge?
I am from Aken – so I remember all the fights between German and Dutsch football games f.e. in Kerkrade – really stupid, hahahahahahaha – so I was living a long time in Holland – so my heart is in both teams – I remember the good old times with the Kerkhof brothers.....but I am not so much anymore in soccer – so in 2006 I am prepared for the DVD release of the holy moses history DVD but not into the worldcup...

Metal on stage is the ultimate kick. What can we expect from your show?
The ultimate kick!

Do you play also old songs? Covers? Requests?
Yes – we play something like a best off program live – the songs are voted on our website by the fans – so it is a mix through the whole time of Holy Moses, also with some of the new songs of the new album....and the 'Too drunk to Fuck' cover is always in our program...

How can we participate in the show? Are you lurking for interaction with the crowd?
I need the interaction with the fans, `cause this is the energy what gives me the power – and stagedivers are welcome on our we like to celebrate an party and the ultimate kick and aggression with power together with our fans.

Have some words over for promoting Holy Moses?
Listen to the new album.....!

Last rites?
See ya soon in Holland!
Interviewer: twansibon
May 9, 2005
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